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Cute [SSBBW]
Does she look cute?
She doesn't, I tell myself. Her fat, overfed, spoiled body bulging out of sweaty, grease-stained and too tight clothes would not look good in any conventional way.
As she reaches for another bite, her arm and consequently, body, jiggles with the effort. She huffs a little bit from the exertion of lifting her overly heavy arm, and begins to chew her food, causing her fattened neck to wobble as she chews with her mouth open. Lips smacking together, she moans
a little bit and finishes her piece.
I continue to watch. Her gluttonous gut growls as she lounges lazily on the couch. What a spoiled princess, I think to myself.
This not-so little brat has grown far beyond her years. Barely 18 years old, and probably well over 400 pounds of hefty, bulging blubber.
She looks down , causing her fat neck to jut out, but in vain, as her fattened breasts and engorged belly have grown so large that she can't see much below them.
"I think I dropped a fry, could you grab that for me?"
:iconcalebgrey:Calebgrey 184 5
And Getting Fatter - Part 7
    Kat finished weighing Steph and jotted the number down on her note pad.
    “Twelve.” She said, obviously nonplussed. “That puts you at 190.” Steph growled in frustration.
    “First I can’t stop gaining weight, now I can’t seem to gain enough.” She was released from the hospital 3 days ago, and even though she had done her best to make up for lost time once again the fifteen pound milestone eluded her.
    “Next week’s gonna be harder too.” Kat admitted. “The barbeque place called and said they wouldn’t let you take the brisket challenge again.”
    “That’s discrimination.”Steph announced as she got off the scale.
    “You can’t expect them keep giving meals away for free” Kat indicated the cow trophies that now sat on her shelf. Steph buttoned up a flannel sh
:iconcarlsaganman:carlsaganman 146 5
My Girlfriend's Growth 2
Part 2~
A few days had passed, and Friday had rolled around pretty quickly. My first couple of days at school were going pretty well so far, I made friends with a few more students at school, including Sarah. Sarah and I had started talking more as the week went on really was starting to enjoy her company, she was all the things that I liked in a girl, she was funny, kind, and the most important thing of all, she was pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. The only problem with this was that I doubted she liked me as much as I liked her, and by "liked" I meant in a way where there was a possibility that we could become more than just...friends. I really hoped that she liked me just as much as I did her.  
I know some of you may have had questions about how Sarah had started to gain weight in the first place, well, the truth is over the summer(or so I heard), Sarah's appetite had started to increase, and while her hunger rose her metabolism had gradually started to decline. Some e
:iconkingjayon:KingJayon 123 3
The Growing of Claire Dunphy (Part 1)
                                      The Growing of Claire Dunphy (Part 1)
    “Phil, I’m home! Did you finish you to do list today?” Claire Dunphy was finishing a jog as she entered the house. She wasn’t exactly sure how far she had run but worked up a good sweat regardless. Sitting down on the wooden stairs that led up to the uppermost floors of the house she began to take off her shoes, which was when she noticed it. The particular “it” here was the little roll of belly flab had formed when she bent over to unlace her shoes. Certainly small and only noticeable when she bent over, yet noticeable nonetheless.
    Claire tired to laugh it off, she had just run several miles after all! “Or did I?” she thought. She hadn’t exactly kept track of her distance and had to fitbit or step counting dev
:iconfakedude10:fakedude10 69 2
Online Feeder pt2 ( ssbbw weight gain)
"Right first off, we're going to get you into some more 'fitting' clothes." He smirked. The anxiousness inside of Katie was quickly smoothed over by the fact that this is what she wanted most in the world and the eureka moment of learning to not give a damn flooded her as she smiled, leading him to her room.
She tore her clothes off and applied a pair of rather fitting daisy dukes and an already too small button up shirt. Katie went to fetch Jack, her feeder who was laying out the array of food on the bed, a few belts.
"Here. Tie me to this chair." She commanded. He did as he was told, not wanting to disappoint. This had been her ultimate fantasy- getting tied up and stuffed beyond her wildest dreams. Jack wasted no time in getting started straight away. He shoveled slice after slice of the greasy, thick pizza into Katie's mouth hardly allowing time to chew. She had misinterpreted the contents of her stomach and had already began to feel a bit full after hardly a fraction of the food h
:iconheyitsanime:HeyItsAnime 57 7
The No-Diet Coalition (BBW, WG, XWG)
Note: This is a work of weight gain fetish fiction and depicts women deliberately overeating and becoming fatter.
According to the scale, Lisa had gained another pound, bringing her net loss down to seven. This was especially frustrating because she had actually managed to do well that week. On no more than two days did she surpass her allotted points, and then only by a few. She doubted the others at the group weight-loss meeting believed her when she said so. She didn’t believe others when they said the same. She was a short Italian woman with long black hair, a bottom-heavy figure, a double-chin, and had been going to ThinPoint meetings for about two months. Although she had some initial success, she had hit a plateau and was now she feared that any week now she could be back up above the dreaded “300 pounds.”
The group was mostly women, fluctuating around fifteen participants plus the facilitator, a paid ThinPoint staff member. Lisa was somewhere around the
:iconmildastrmatar:mildastrmatar 93 10
My Girlfriends Growth 4
Part 4~
     So, where did I last leave off? Oh yeah, how could I could I forget something so important. I was in the presence of one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. As I walked towards the entrance of the movie theater I couldn't help but glance at my gorgeous date, and damn did she look good. Sarah looked absolutely stunning, the red sundress she was wearing held me speechless, her brown hair was free, easily taken captive by any subtle gust of wind, her blue eyes greatly complimented the red that she wore, simply put she looked beautiful.
We soon arrived at the entrance of the movie theatre where we then had to decide on what movie to see.
    "So Sarah, what movie do you want to see." I asked as my sight was captivated by my beautiful date. "If you want we can see a romance movie."
    "Uhh." Said Sarah rubbing her chin as she looked over the choices. "Well...I was kinda hoping we could see a comedy movie or something." She answered.
:iconkingjayon:KingJayon 109 11
The Growing of Claire Dunphy (Part 6)
    The dinner was two of Claire’s favorite things: plentiful and warm. Even better than most days because Alex had offered to cook it with her. After their movie time together Alex and Claire had become much closer. The most important reason to both Alex and Claire was that Claire had once again had another growth spurt. Her scale had cracked and wasn’t working but Claire was pretty sure that she was dancing around the big four-double-o. Space had become an even more precious commodity to Claire as was evident by her cooking that evening with Alex. The two kept finding ways to collide. Claire’s belly would push into Alex’s butt and back as she inched by, her butt would find its way into her stomach when Alex turned away from her park of the cooking station, and all manner of other incidental moments of contact as the night went on. Both Alex and Claire found this exhilarating. Alex was enthralled by the push, wiggle, and softness that the abundan
:iconfakedude10:fakedude10 54 2
Gaining for a Degree - A WG Part 3 of 3
Part 3: Finals
The Professor gathered the papers on her desk and called up her aide.  The aide took the papers and handed them around to the handful of students gathered in the classroom.  It was early august, almost time for regular classes to resume, and everyone in the class was sweating.  Metaphorically and literally, the Professor mused.  The air conditioning was on the fritz and it was a good 90 degrees out.  She had decided to make this a half day instead of a full class, and was only passing out study sheets for the finals anyway.  Everyone was suffering in this heat, but the Professor had noticed one student in particular who seemed to be suffering more than the rest. 
"Angela Savard?" She called out
"Yes Ma'm?" Angela said quietly.
"Can you stay after for a moment, I need to speak with you?"
"It won't be long; I know you're probably quite hot." The Professor smiled.
She's sweating like a pig, The Professor thought. Of cours
:iconbrothermayo:BrotherMayo 105 6
Mature content
Paul pt. 8 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 53 21
Mature content
Paul pt. 7 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 57 11
Mature content
Paul pt. 6 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 51 16
Mature content
Paul pt. 5 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 59 19
Mature content
Paul pt. 4 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 63 10
Mature content
Paul pt. 3 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 68 20
Mature content
Paul pt. 2 :iconlurkesville:lurkesville 71 12


Decided to take the plunge, i'll use this to track food consumption. Will see how much i'm in the red each day or week. And maybe just for kicks post screen pics of charts.
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