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Finding hope (2/3)

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TW: Death

Wailing filled the forest as sadness over took a child. The echoing hollow feeling of eternal loss and a life cut short by the mistake of a mother.

Roads clutched the limp body of his best friend, his partner in crime and maybe when they were older, his other half. The secret adornment he held for her will never be spoken of, nor will he be able to gaze upon her face on any day he pleased. She was always so obviously but deep down she knew, some nights even growing red and laughing her adorable nervous laugh. On more sensitive days, she would hide away and play games of keep away from his eyes. Those days were filled with explorations of their surrounding areas, finding new secrets with the silliness it brought.

“A-ah’m so s-sorry, Katelyn. This was so stupid of me to try to get you somewhere so far away. What was ah thinking.. Some stranger in the woods.. It was coming on winter a-an ah shoulda known better!” He cried to himself. Guilt overcome him, relating to the feeling her mother had previously. He cried not only for Kitten but for her family as well.
He knew the family would never know what happened to their child, to their eldest and it was all his fault. A mother who always provided the most warmest and welcoming meals any child could have asked for, always smiling with a scent of spring flowers. She loved Roads’ just as equally, accepting him into their home and life since day one of the friendship the children shared. Consoling him of his wounded mind and body days he limped over from his own family, even going to the point of storming over there to give an earful to his folks. She was the nicest person in this whole messed up world and would have fed every child if she could have. The thoughts of her made Roads’ tears flow even faster, sobbing more than he’s ever before. His thoughts landed on her father, a hardworking man with daggers for eyes. It was obvious a father to be overprotective of his first born daughter but even he accepted the company she had in her best friend, fooling around with the young boy. He was more of a father to him then his own, always keeping a watchful eye out on both of them when they were in the yard.
Kitten’s youngest siblings, two of them, would probably remain too young to understand what has happened or really miss her until they gain a few years. Something will always be missing from their lives but their parents will most likely make sure they always love their sister. Well, more than they did down. The little kids always followed, usually copying what they do or asking so many questions they end up boring themselves. Roads loved those kids like no other, he considers them to be his own siblings and treated them as such. Her family was his family and he could never go back. He could never go back to his old life because of this mistake, no one would forgive him.

   He wouldn’t even forgive himself at this point.

It took hours of getting his repressed emotions out, not just from the death of his best friend but from everything that’s ever happened. It was relieved to finally cry to his heart's content as his mentality finally hit its breaking point. Hate for his parents, disgust for his parents.. Disdain for his parents. Everything resentful was all for his parents, he despised them. The tears settled down but his face still felt wet even after they’ve dried. He held Kitten’s cold body, stroking her hair but not moving her to disturb her. Even though he knew the reality, He still treated it as if she was sleeping. He knew how she slept, her paws curled up to her maw like a coat and legs tucked under her.

He sighed, mumbling to himself. “ ‘Member the first time I stayed over? Ah snuck into your room from your window, obviously after you insisted I stay, we made a nest on the floor with your blankets n’ pillows.. Stayed up way later then we meant to just talking about whatever came to mind just enjoying the new adventure.” Roads chuckled, resting his head on her back.
“We eventually fell asleep when the sun hit n’ your mother found us.. She let us sleep as long as we wanted n’ I snuck back out when it was almost the evening. We both got an earful from our folks but from what you told me.. Yours weren’t none too mad.” He smiled, any form of laughter turning to a bubbling hacking. His lungs emptied themselves from the backlog that filled his body from his hysteria.

His breathing started to slow as he settled down, laying most of himself across Kitten. He took a deep breath, taking in the lingering scent of strawberries she always ate.

His eyes looked up towards the opening of the tree, the snow wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. It was getting cold now now that the only source of other warmth was no longer warm. His body was slowly giving out, unable to produce its own heat. Every moment he was still for too long, it felt like he was going to freeze right where he was. He shifted himself every few minutes to gain mobility again but it just kept getting more difficult to move even a handful of muscles.

“Maybe I could close m’eyes for a few moments, maybe things’ll get better.. Someone will find us n bring us back to life.” He whispered, hopeful this was true. A second attempt to settle down, his chin rested on Kittens hip, left arm swung over her and right slide under her arm in attempt to keep her hand close. He closed his eyes, listening to the winds howl outside. Each breath got shorter and shorter, liquid filling his lungs at each passing moment til the point where he couldn’t breathe anymore.

Before the point of suffering, his lungs caved out and everything went black.

Best friends forever intertwined through life and death.

+ Death unlocked (Roads)

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ok welp I'm cryin g and this is months old congra t s ;;;;
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