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Finding hope (1/3)

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“ROADS!” Kitty called for him, snapping him out of a daydream.
“Huh- what y’want, troublemaker?”
“What are you doing out on the porch? Ma’ says you’re welcome to come in for dinner! Then we can go play later.”
“M’just thinking, didn’t know it took m’that long to think though.”

Kitty stretched out on her belly next to him, her front paw hanging out the first step. It was nice and cool out, a breeze rustling the nearby trees and rolling over the grass. The faint squeak of a rocking chair every time it blew a little harder, wind chimes above the two children rang softly. The setting sun setting making the beautiful ocean blue paint of the deck pop, really bringing the pace of a farm child together. Kitty rested her chin on her arms, watching the sun set.

“What were you thinking about?” She asked softly, only already knowing what's been on his mind from previous inquiries.

“The Deelagun.. Why would sucha large critter ramage it’s way inta town like that. M’mean, Ah knows itsa spite n’all but, sommin’ still felt off. Ya’know?”

“I get you but all the adults are too busy fighting off the rest of them spites and tending to the sick before worrying about why it happened. Mama says even some people from another town over had up n’ been checking the place out. Apparently killin the dang big ol spite has caused a mess of sickness too.” Kitty’s face scrunched up, her tone souring as the spiteful name rolled off her tongue. “I wonder why it did that too but sometimes, things just not need a reason to be mean. They just.. Mean.”

Roads rested his head down, next to hers. His gaze waved over her face, taking in her features as he’s done a million and one times. The feeling of being close to her and being able to look at her for as long as he wants never got old, day in and day out being able to share his life with her was everything to him. “Ya been in the town yet? With ya ma’?” He sighed.

“Not yet, she said it’s too dangerous but I know she can’t carry the rest of the puckoos we’re giving away to the wards. I’m going to have to go with her sooner or later but she says it’s terrible.” Her head turned to face him. “There are sick adults and kids everywhere, coughing and plain sounding like death. One of our neighbors, the one with those twins you remember? They all got it and died. Me and my Ma went to visit their house the other day and it was all busted in n’ we were growling from the inside.. We think it was spites so when she went into town today she reported it..”

“Spites that close.. M’mean, ah know we had to deal with maybe a shamble now n then being so far out from the tree but the bigger ones be coming to close now. Make sure you're careful when you go into town too.” His paw tapped the side of her face causing a smile and huff from his companion.

“Ya, okay dad. I know how to take care of myself. Now com’on let’s go eat!” Kitty lifted herself to her feet, grabbing Roads to drag him inside.

   The house was filled with the smell of food. Oven roasted meats and vegetables, seasoned to perfection. Everything was made was fresh from either Kitty’s parents or things Roads’ brought over from his home. The family sat down with their graces, filling their bellies to the point of overfed. The children headed back outside, including kitty’s little siblings, to play different games. They chased, tagged and exhausted each other with the remaining sunlight, when the light disappeared over the horizon everyone was found on their backs basking in the moonlight. They all took turns counting the stars and making wishes when one shot across the sky.

Roads ended up helping carrying a sibling in on his back with kitty when the younger ones fell asleep. They were tucked in, kissed each by kitty on the forehead and read a story. Roads sat on the floor, propper up on his elbows as he listened to kitty read the ugly puckoo. Her voice in such a low tone was a lullaby by any means and he could argue to the moon and back about it. He hasn’t noticed when she was done, falling asleep himself, until kitty tapped him on the nose and walked him out.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Ma’ says I’m going with her to the town tomorrow.. Like I said I would.” She cupped her paw around her maw and whispers the last part, making them both giggle.

“Alright, Kitty. See you tomorrow.” Roads replied, heading down the porch stairs, following the path to his house just over the hill. They waved to each other just as he was at the top then disappeared out of eachothers site. That was the only sad part of each day, saying a temporary goodbye until tomorrow.

But he didn’t see her like she said, or for the next few days. Their usual meet up spot was always empty and Roads grew increasingly worried. Once it passed a week, Roads made his way to her house, knocking on the family's door. Moments passed before her father answered the door, more exhausted than usual. He asked about kitty and his response was only greeted with a long sigh, although he did allow the child into the house and passage to kittys room.

When Roads got there, he almost dropped to the floor.

Kitty laid in bed, her mother wiping her face with a wet towel. Her skin was both pale and flushed at the same time, black streaks staining her cheeks down to her throat.

“Oh no.. K-kitty.” His voice cracked, causing both kitty and her mother to look at him. Her mother immediately began to weep, guilt pouring from her face. She quietly said she’ll be back later, got up and left the room.
“K-kitty, w-what happened.. you're..” he began to choke up himself, recalling the stories he heard the other day.

“It was my own fault, I got too close to a group of sick kids.. I just.. wanted to see if I could help..”

Roads’ mouth twitched slightly into a sad smile. ‘Of course y’tried to help… you're so kind..” He took a few steps close to her bed. “H.. how are y’feeling? I hope you're not in any pain..” He whimpered.

“I just feel like I have runny glands, It’s a pain in the a-” Her sentence was interrupted by coughing, black tar dislodging itself from her lungs. “N’ that..” she chuckled after catching her breath. “Ma’ says if I don’t get better, I’m going to have to go to the wards.. In fear of getting everyone sick.”

“The wards? Into town? But.. who knows how long it’ll be til we can see eachother again..” He stood on his hind legs, placing his head on her bed.

“I dun wanna go either but.. If I have too.”

“Hmmm, mmm, well.. What if we.. go to that Imp? Out in the woods? Doesn’t he know like.. A million things about magic.. He could help.

“Azoth? The one who helped us before when we got lost.. M.. maybee..”

Roads jumped up, practically dancing around the room. “Oh COM’ON. Y’always talk about going out into the woods again, lets go! Ifn he can’t help, we’ll come back n’ go to the wards, okay?”

“O-okay. We, um” Kitty sat up, thinking. “We can leave tonight when everyone's asleep.”

“It’ll be fun!” Roads reclaimed.


A day into their adventure, snow hit heavily. Kitty passed away singing a lullaby as they awaited in their makeshift shelter. The cold took a toll on her body, the dropping temperatures allowing the plague to constrict her very existence.
1329 words
+ death unlocked (Kitty)

The story focus' on them more then the illness but it still claims her. 

I'M SO SAD I COULDN'T HAVE OFFICIAL TOLD THEIR STORY cause i was lazy but i will in the fan group eventually

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