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Hey everyone.

I've decided to reboot my Patreon project. To start, I'll be holding a series of Character of the Month selections where for the entire month, I will dedicate a number of pin ups to the winning Character as well as a image pack that I will put together, containing some images that will not be posted to any of the public galleries and accessible only through Patreon. To start, I'm going to begin with a selection of OCs on the polls here on dA with a booster poll on Twitter.

To access the Poll, click here:…

Since I just found out Twitter's poll system only holds 4 selections maximum, i'm going to use Twitter as a booster poll for the additional characters who are not in the lead. The booster will last for 7 days as of tonight (and end on the 21st) and the main poll will end on the 25th. If you have a twitter, give me a follow and then throw a vote forward. On the night of the 25th, I will count all the votes together and the winner will be announced by the end of August =3

Booster Poll: (you can also cast a vote for another character as well if you wish…

If you do not know who some of these characters are, that's okay, I will introduce them in detail once we get further in. Some of these characters have pictures while others do not or don't have as many drawn of them and that's okay as well.

My Patreon project details will also be revealed further as this goes on. 

With that being said, cast your votes! =3
Hello All,

Just want to let you know I'm not least not yet >.>..

I've been on a very awkward morning shift at work plus the ineffciency that's plauged the place for the last few months has it's killed alot of my motivation on alot of things as it's tired me out majority of the day and I can't do anything else once i get home because I'm too busy trying to clear my mind from stress and finding a new job.

I'm still working on commissions are still open but they may take some time to complete due to the work shifts. I do want to thank everyone against who supported me through my previous ordeal with bills. <3 I love you guys, you have no idea ;w;..

I will try to update Rings of Tinuris on the 10th, but it maybe a few pages short of 10 as I promised when I started this regmin. Hopefully I can squeeze out a few more pages before the due date. 
The QnA special section is still in progress and still open to accepting more questions. If you have one (any at all, including asking about the characters themselves, pointing out specific habits in my art or pages feel free and they will be answered to the best I can do =3 )

Thank you guys <3

To Everyone who commissioned me, gave me a signal boost and supported me through my little crisis....

Thank you so much! ;;3;;

I literally almost had to explain to my boss why i was crying at work a few days ago. You guys really helped me avoid a really bad series of events should things continued on the path they were headed without your help.

You all rock...all of you. I wish I could do more than say thank you to all of you. 

However, I'm not in the clear all the way yet. The Critical part of the Emergency has been defused, but I still have two important bills that are going to hit me head on this coming week that could effect my overturn in the coming days, but my paycheck should be arriving at the same time this week to take care of it. Afterwards I should be stable enough to rebuild the wall and prevent this from happening again.

Commissions are still available and all projects will slowly resume but priority will go to all commissions in progress. If your still interested in commissioning me, feel free to do so, i'm still doing everything I can to pull back to safety.

Once again, everyone thank you <3 
Im about to have a financial crisis today. In serious need of commissions. If anyone can help, it would be highly appreciated…

All projects, Art Trades (including active ones) and Gifts are temporarily suspended until situration is stable
So...for the time being..all art projects will be put on hold.

My tablet ended up dying on me...=3=

I've ordered a new tablet, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend

If your looking to get commissions while I don't have my tablet, you are welcome to still request the commission and I'll place you in queue immediately once my tablet arrives
So everyone that's been reading Rings

I have a question as far as the uploading has been going. 

Should I continue to upload the way I have been?

The way I have it right now, is that I upload a bulk of at least 10 pages (unfortunately to finalize the pages takes me at least an month, which I've not been very fond of uploading frequency)

Do you guys prefer my 10 to 10+ page uploads per month? or should I do bring it down a few pages or try to make the uploads quicker? (maybe every 3 to 2 weeks?)
Something about my art that you Do Not like?

Something I do or tend to draw that gets on your nerves or just makes you alittle discomfortable, or something big that makes ya question my sanity or just something i need to work on? (Like my seriously suffering Anatomy syndrone xD)'s alittle of a mess....>_>...

Give me sometime to try and figure out how best to model my gallery back up so everything isn't everywhere xD;
Hey it's been a while since I did a journal o.o

Well just an update from me: my job situration has switched up abit. I've been deathly busy with the two jobs I've been and it's put abit of a styfle on uploading and drawing like I wanted to. However I no longer work that second job now and back at the theater...still debating if that was the proper choice...but still what's done is done and now I gotta playball. 

In regards to the status I had place earlier and to those who may not be aware of it:
A series of earthquakes had struck the islands of Hawaii on the 4th, one with a notable magnitude of 6.9. There hasn't been any major headlines regarding it as it seems just yet, but some news outlets online are providing information. The recent Earthquake had inadvertently triggered a volcano south of the Lelilani Estates area in Hawaii. (forgive my misspelling) This has caused an eruption to occur within that area and seismologists believe this may also trigger an subsequent series of quakes that will impact Hawaii. Ether way, whether this is exaggerated or not, these are some very troubling events along with the very long list of similar events around the world right now. If any of you currently live or know of friends, family who are currently impacted in Hawaii, please pray and hope for their safety and also remain safe ;3;

News - Rings Of Tinuris
The comic is still going. I'm making a habit of updating in bulk pages (at the very least 10 pages each upload) There has been one notable change. From this previous page and going forward, the comic will now be read from Left to Right in the standard American/English format. Each page from this point going forward, will be marked with a directional icon to help guide readers and also pages may have subtle arrow systems to help guide panel to panel. This was a personal decision that was in the makings to help understand the reading flow alot better. Additional corrections may be done in the future but for now this current. Also more information regarding the characters, the world, and Lore will also be posted up very soon as the pages progress. For those who are still reading the comic, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you continue to read and enjoy the story ^^. I do have surprises coming up that should let us dive deeper. The webcomic will continue to be updated here on DeviantArt and the following galleries:


Please show your support by sharing the comic on your feeds, or even adding, faving/staring the comic and also feel free to provide feedback =3

News - Twitter
I now have a Twitter account:
Theres....almost nothing there right now. I'm still taking a look on how everything is run. I currently have a few image up there and I may use Twitter to post some exclusive art and images so stay tuned for more.

I also do have a Tumblr, altho my the account is more for my personal use and the RoT Official Tumblr, however due to the low interest, updates to it may be low to none until I can gather more viewers.

News - Youtube
Yes I have a Youtube channel currently in the works for my gaming videos called The PROJECT Gaming. At the moment the channel is still being set up, and I will unveil more as I get my first video ready for it

Will re-open soon on the standard rate updated for 2018 until the next Special comes online.  As I currently have a comic project that has been set to the burner for alittle longer than I'm comfortable for, I will need to try and get that project finished as soon as possible before re-opening mainline commissions.

That's really all I got to say for now, Thank you so much for supporting me and new watchers joining me, I hope I entertain =3
Be with you
I just got news that a cousin of mine, not as close, but i had the honor of hanging out with her during her rest days had passed away earlier this morning..

She had been fighting Leukemia...and so strong against it...battled through multiple chemotherapy sessions and was in pain for a long far as I know she is among the hundreds of heroes who had fought against this variant of cancer.

Im okay...its just shocking to hear that the last visit we had was the last time I hugged her....that realisation is never easy...nether will be the days ahead.

Progress on projects may continue as normal as possible but will be slowed or delayed for the time being
Dam whatever it is plaguing my stomach! Now idk if this is food posioning or the stomach flu...ether way im gonna lose my job if i keep calling out because of it ;;3;;
I hate politics...

I hate the idea of politics

But today Im going to address them, as today was a big day in the history of mankind. Within the last few months, of the 12 billion people in the world, a thundering majority stood up and united to speak out against the attempt to repeal the Title II article "Net Neutrality" which states that ISPs who serve as our gateway access into the internet must treat all incoming and outgoing data the same and not discriminate in anyway in favor of economic or 'premium' members for 'fast lanes' or other isolating features.
(Wikipedia has an article detailing this:… )

Long story short, this prevents Internet Service Provider Giants from the ability to abuse the access of Internet by imposing price tags on how 'fast' or how free you want to browse the internet. 

Today at 10am, the meeting to vote on this appeal took place and out of 5 person panel, the vote was 3 to 2 in favor of removing the Title II Article and voted in favor of light touch regulation of classified 'ISPs'. This means the FCC will no longer enforce ISPs to not discriminate against their subscribers and those who wish to access the internet both companies and consumers. a big fear for the open internet...BUT it is not the end.

This repeal is only a request, which must go through the pipes of the government for approval. This means that this request to repeal the Title II must go through and be approved by Congress and the Supreme Court just like every other law. (Of which this repeal in particular is very unpopular with our lawmakers, companies and court officers alike)

So theres still a chance. Our FCC commissioners who stood against this repeal have done their best...the next step in the process is to see where this repeal goes to court. (not to mention the allegations against the FCC chairman to push this repeal through illegally and through the wrong channels. This is also taken into consideration and the repeal is likely to be stopped from going further)

So stand strong everyone. This is not over no matter what news reports. Continue to stand and use your voice.

the Chairman ignored us, yes.

The supreme court and Congress however have heard us loud and clear

So don't go silent, don't get violent but don't give up. Because were stronger than any army in this world with the perfect weapon...our Voice. Keep your anger focused through your words and not physically. 

--ShaozChampion-- does one make a living from their artwork?

I mean when you think about it its a matter of how or what you gotta do to get the people you need to make it happen.
Things have taken a turn...

I woke up this morning after having a dream about Litith and Czara and my cast having a food fight that I found my Stylus finally in a obvious part of my bag that I forgot existed...

....that made me a little extra sad before i had to go to work....;;^;;

...that is...until i realized. That part of my bag existed...o.o...


So i go to work happy now..X3

Art pause is officially over ='3
Still looking for my Stylus that's currently lost....still no luck...

also figured out why its gonna be about an entire month before I can get my new stylus...

it's coming from China...T_T....
Well...after a night of a feeling like a jackass at top the end of the night my fucking stylus ends up missing from my bag somehow. Soo...I can't really draw without it for my tablet...that means that once again...All Progress on all projects comic based will be halted until I find it or get a new one. I have no idea where it could've been lost or missing from...

I've ordered a new one from Amazon, but I won't receive it until November...


Litith: Hey guys, SC's currently raging around the office right now ^^;;

Czara: Yea, he'll calm down...just give him some time. ^^;; We've currently placed an order for a new Pen while he searches around for the old one. Unfortunately that means you won't be able to see much more artwork for now unless it's vectors and logos until we receive the new Stylus. =3 

Litith: we do still have the really old tablet we first started with, but I don't think SC remembers where he has it or if it'll still work ^^; We'll keep you uptodate on that so please be patiant with us =3
Sexy October based theme? Or Winter Beach Theme?

You pick =3
Your probably wondering what im up to with the latest poll x3

This is also gonna be a slow process due to my jobs but all will become clear soon x3 and no worries you'll get to vote again later =3 this is gonna be an Underarmored Special event that'll coincide with beach bonaza's events listing x3

But for now enjoy the October team line ups as they show =P

I made my Pateron update what would you expect from me to do for you? =3

As far as rewarding supporters what would like to be rewarded with? =3