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[COMMISSIONS] Underarmored 2 by ShaozChampion [COMMISSIONS] Underarmored 2 by ShaozChampion

Ladies, Gentlemen, People In's that time of year again. It's hot. That means it's Summer. Time to take those clothes off and get Underarmored for the beach! This commission will help keep you guys cool...(or in heat) all summer long~ Checkout the Details below:


Details of Each Pricing

PIN UPS: From Bust to Full Body. Refers to One Character per Picture (Range from $20 - $25)

Base: Digital Sketch (with MonoShading) $20

-- Flat Alpha (Flat Colors with no Shades) +$3

-- Full Colored +$5

SCENES: Wallpaper Resolution to Active mini Scenarios (Not Comic Sequences) This is for Characters numbering 3 and above
(Range from $30 - $37)

Base: $30 (Wallpaper Resolution Only*)

-- Flat Alpha (Flat Colors with no Shades for a Scene with 3 or more Characters) +$5

-- Full Colored (for a Scene with 3 or More Characters) +$7

*You will not be charged for Background complexity for this commission set. No additional charge for 2 or 1 characters for Wallpaper Flat Color; For Full Color the charge will be $5 instead of $7.

CUSTOMS: NEW OFFER - Customizables from Avatars/Icons to Badges and mini Animations
(Range from $10 to $17/$30)

Base: $10 (For Chibis/SuperDeformed and Avatars/icons)

--Animated GIF: +$7 (This is experimental but the animated gif will be simple)

--Character Sheet: +$20 (Full Spreadsheet for One Character)

EXTRAS: Add-Ons for all Sets

-- Additional Characters: +$10 (for Pin Ups and Scenes beyond 3 people)

-- Lewd/NSFW Variant: +$5

--Complex Backgrounds: +$10 (Heavily busy background with detailed ambient activity)

--Props/Gear/Vehicles: +$3



If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me =3

Pay policy and Rules:

All online Payments accepted are through PayPal. All payments must be completed in full for operation and full transfer of work

-All Commissions will adhere to the local site Rules and Regulations on displays of artwork and their definitions.

-Your character or commissioned character must be above the age 18 or older if the commission applies them to a Mature/Adult Scenario

-Please Include pictures/references to your request so I may have an accurate picture to work with

-PM/Note me your request and include your Name, Request, ref/pics and we will discuss your amount of payment. Please don't repeatedly ask me about the commission. I have a Life as well and I do work a lot with the upcoming seasons so I maybe slow or slower depending on the situation, but I will try to keep you updated. I don't mind a reminder tho, you have a right to check up on me =3

-Pin Up Commissions will have only ONE free Do Over and 2 free EDITS. Scenes will only have 3 Free EDITS.  
If you are not satisfied for a logical reason and must be noted to me within 24hrs of completion of submission
(Acceptable Do Over:
Yes: Simon (Negan) - Icon  "I think you over looked something, he has a blah" or something is incorrect with the final resolution; 

Unacceptable Do Over:
No: Pyra is not amused (My eyes are right here) "I don't like her nose and the toe is too big" or something very minor or Monotonous)

Any more Edits requests will add a extra $15.00 to complete. A Redraw Do over is an extra $25.00
For Refunds, refer to my Refund Policy here:
It is required that you read the refund policy before you request it, otherwise it will not be considered


[There is alot I'm okay with drawing. What I will NOT draw however:]
-Any kind of Political/Ethical/Religious directed piece that ether encourages/discourages or in anyway disrespect or attempt to induct to said group
-Extreme/OverExaggerated Violence (Ridiculous gallons of blood being thrown everywhere)
-Overly disturbing Fetishes:
-Death/Heavy Vore
-Bowel Play (Skat and Urine)
-(Due to sensitivity of subject, Roleplay of/or situations that displays Rape (Clear Unwillingness/Nonconsenual or Date Rape. This does not include Teasing)
-EroGuru (Macabre eroticism/Necrophila. Examples include skull banging a rotting dead body...*shudders*)
-Any kind of Pedophila situration (Character at minimal must be of the age of 18. For furs, includes Cub and infant)

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Rodlox Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018
i have to get my paypal working again...right now, only my patreon works.

because you do great work, and I'd like to commission another image...soonish.
ShaozChampion Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Awesome x3 I look forward to it =3
Rodlox Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018
right now, I'm trying to decide if I want to ask for a post-College/postgraduate-aged Tsuyu Asui (an unaged head-only humorous version of which  i just posted), or an adult based on her to one degree or another.
Randommode Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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