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Oops - SetoJou - Yu-Gi-Oh

By ShaoranKun
Was supposed to be for Seto's b-day but I got too lazy and didn't finish it on time XD...
Oh well!

Yes...I know his tie is supposed to be dark blue XD...

I'm trying to revive puppyshipping =(

Read my fic and pass it around! =D
Perpetuality can be found here: [link]
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Cute. :love: Nicely done. :thumbsup:
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Thank you~ and thanks for the fave
AnimeCouples1992's avatar
And yay! For your art <3
<3 hiiii, forgot i had a DA acct, lol... Miss u!!
ShaoranKun's avatar
<3 I totally miss you man!
Do you have facebook? You should text me the name/link or something.

Thanks for the faves <3
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I find myself coming back to puppyshipping. I'm glad it's not totally dead yet.
Back to my first favorite yaoi pairing~. And yes, I was a fan of Gundam Wing het. That's rare. :XD:
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XD *didn't have any couples in GW

Rei and Kai were my first yaoi pairing but I think I like puppyshipping more XD
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Revive away! Puppyshipping is my top (forever) Yu-Gi-Oh pairing!
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thanks for the +fave! =)
xXSolarCrossoverXx's avatar
Your welcome, it's really awesome. The faces are amazing!
kikyoyami8's avatar
cute, cute cute i love this pairing x3
ShaoranKun's avatar
thanks for the fave!
MadHattersPet's avatar
<3 so cuuuuuuuuute -^________^-
this makes me so unbelievably happy
ShaoranKun's avatar
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Surprisingly, tumblr is home to a lot of puppyshippers who are active! I highly recommend Darkmus (who also has a large quantity of fiction on Ao3), f***yeahpuppyshipping has lovely art, as does hanase. (Who is also on Deviantart.) LuckyREBD also posts a lot of drabbles, and AO3 has a large puppyshipping section!

Lovely art, and your fanfiction was an excellent read!
ShaoranKun's avatar
Darkmus is a very familiar name for some reason haha

I already follow f***yeahpuppyshipping ;D
But even on tumblr it doesn't feel very active
not compared to the other fandom that I follow on it (Klaine) XD
THAT is SUPER active haha

And Thanks :)
verlor's avatar
Darmus is a total sweetie. She writes a lot of drabbles, and reblogs a whackload of puppyshipping stuff.
I kind've wish we had puppyshipping big bangs, like some of the other fandoms. XD
KitsuneChan8888888's avatar
Cute! I vote yay on a revival.
iOse93's avatar
Revive? Puppyshipping never gets old. <3

(one day I will write another fic... and next time it won't be a oneshot.)
ShaoranKun's avatar
haha yes of course
but the fandom is definitely smaller now =( compared to before

thanks for the fave =)
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I like the way it looks and I've been waiting for someone to start doing puppyshipping pics again
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