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Blaine AnDERPson - Glee

By ShaoranKun
Stupid sketch LOL I can't stop laughing at this.
Tried to make him more 'anime-like'
haha fail so hard...I still can't stop laughing at this terrible picture. XD

This because of this: [link]

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Those. Damn. Pants. :3
ShaoranKun's avatar
XD yeah they need to come off ;) jkjk
thanks for the fave!
noo-nooo's avatar
"fail so hard" my ass!! This is amazing!!! I love it!!! :heart: :heart:
Also, where was that picture taken??
ShaoranKun's avatar
aww thank you :) glad you like it

and um i don't know who took the picture but it was on set probably
since they were filming for ep 1 or something there

Thanks for the fave and the watch!
noo-nooo's avatar
Ahh right! I saw a clip from the set on Youtube!
You're welcome, you deserve it =3 :heart:
animewonder's avatar
RED! PANTS! *undapper thoughts* *undapper thoughts*
ShaoranKun's avatar
hahaha XD *hugs you*

thanks for the faves! =)
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ShaoranKun's avatar
haha <3

Thanks for the +faves :)
AngelicMouseGirl's avatar
I have seen a bunch of fanart with the new red pants, but this is the first one that is quite sexy/beautiful in my opinion. I really like it! He is really hot. ^_^
ShaoranKun's avatar
Thanks~ :)
Blaine in red pants is everywhere now XD
WhiteFerrets's avatar
[i]Oh my[/i]. This is stunning.
Dramasbomin's avatar
NO!!!! This is amazingly HOT!

It went straight to my favorites.
ShaoranKun's avatar
<3 XD
Thanks for the faves and the +watch
cremefeathersfalling's avatar
just, holy fuck. dying.
ShaoranKun's avatar
You're not allowed to die. The world would lose one more Blaine fan. D=

haha thanks for the fave! =)
cremefeathersfalling's avatar
bahah,oh noes! ;-;

yo welcome~ :)
ShaoranKun's avatar
Yes. Red Pants. XD

Thanks for the fave!
jinglekitty1's avatar
LOVE! Those jeans have a mind of their own, i swear, I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH! LOL
ShaoranKun's avatar
If those jeans really did have a mind of their own, they should just slip off already ;D
or maybe that's why they're hanging on so tight...

Thanks for the faves and the +watch!
jinglekitty1's avatar
hononono YES THEY DO! Your very welcome!
MeggieRae93's avatar
Those jeans have started a sex riot.
Just saying
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