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A Perishable Night - Pg. 1

"What do octopuses dream of at a lonely night?"

First page is up. b̶o̶i̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶u̶p̶l̶o̶a̶d̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶e̶v̶s̶ ̶L̶M̶A̶O̶

First Page - [YOU ARE HERE]
Second Page - [TBA]
Third Page - [TBA]
[MC] Takumi Saito
Hello my nerds

“ I hope I can reach out to people here as far as I can stretch out my limbs.”


Name: Takumi Saito
Nickname: Taku, Kumi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
DOB: August 28
Species: Nicaen (Octopus)
Height | Weight: 5' 7" ft / 170.18 cm(6' 8" ft / 203.2 cm if his tentacles are stretched out) || ~94 kg / ~207.24 lb (undetermined because of his tentacles' weight)
Occupation: Porter


Kind | Contemplative | Sensitive | Frugal | Reserved | Casual | Anxious | Insecure | Clumsy

    Whenever Takumi has the unfortunate scenario that he is confronted by a stranger with even the smallest of "hello"s, it wouldn't be surprising to find him stand like a statue or cower away to a safe space of his own. He isn't confident enough to talk to people first himself, as he has the tendency to trip over, whether it's verbally or physically. He doesn't go out of his way to be in that situation, which is why you wouldn't see him in a crowded mall anytime soon. 
    Speaking of shopping, considering the fact that he doesn't want to depend on his parents to much with his current life, Takumi has picked up the habit of counting his budget and adding up shopping item prices during a routine stop to a grocery store. Once somebody does join in his gentle and small circle of friends, however, he becomes more relaxed and more happy to pick a conversation with an aquaintance. He cares for the people that he meets and empathizes them heavily. He also has a habit of thinking a lot on few occasions, to the point that he would go into a sort of "white noise zone" where he just stares blankly as his thoughts run amok in his brain.
    Taking into account on his possible job as a porter, he would still have to interact with people such as his fellow coworkers and even the customers. With that situation in mind, he would still have a bit of a hard time adjusting to this new lifestyle. But who knows? If the cafe is as open as they say it is, it might help Takui be a more open person that way.

  • Nori (Edible dried seaweed)
  • Air purifiers
  • Big soft hoodies
  • Treading his tentacles on water
  • Hugging people he trusts
  • Questions about his father's former career
  • Offensive questions about his parents
  • Waking up to tangled tentacles
  • Polluted air
  • Seeing non-vegetarian sushi boats
  • Organizing stuff with his tentacles (makes him feel useful)
  • Lazy swimming 
  • Making hand puppets for fun


    Takumi's story starts off with his parents' small story. It starts off with his father living in Crois, which-- according to his father-- was a quaint little town that was too quaint for his father. And so, he moved to the city of Ocea where he has hopes of gaining something in the somewhat large city. It wasn't for long until he encountered a chance to become an actor. It was a bit of a stretch for the young man, as it turned out it was a mere stepping stone to a promise of a stable career in acting. That promise as kept of course, as he ventured away from adult movies and finally stepped into normal TV shows, as mass media has called in a popular demand for Talaen actors. So the father moved to Strau, here he met the TV producer for his show and whom would also become the love of his life.

    Unfortunately, the happy couple couldn't stay happy for long, as they had to keep their relationship a secret, given that the father's a Talaen and the mother's a Mortal. Even after the father moved from TV shows to monster movies, the couple had to worry about the fact that their relationship is considered taboo and quite scandalous. They kept it a secret until the day they realized that the mother was with child-- Takumi. Afterwards, they have to think about the child. Out of the goodness of the father's three hearts, he took the liberty of taking Takumi and raising him, as they both know that he'd definitely be an octopus Nicaen and would raise some flags if the Mortal mother would have a child similar to a now famous octopus Talaen. And so, Takumi as raised by his doting father, whom have reverted down to smaller roles and TV commercials for his sake. His mother does visit every now and then, but they still have to avoid scandals to let Takumi live a normal childhood.

    With that said, Takumi still has it rough, as he did question why he was what he dubbed himself a "monster," seeing as how during his childhood fellow kids have insulted him by reminding him about his broken family, and comparing him to the villains in monster movies (which is ironically what his father also starred in). During his adolescent years, he resented his parents for having him and was in a dark time were he wished that he wasn't born to cause problems on himself and his family. Throughout those hard times, however, his father was still caring for him, staying by his son's side and over time helped Takumi see himself in a better light. On the back of his mind, he still has some insecurities about his race, but wasn't exactly his upfront "being" like it was back then.

    Now an upstart young adult, Takumi moved from Straus to the outskirts of Mers, where he was tired of the overly theatrical atmosphere of Straus and wanted to make a living for himself. Being a Nicaen, finding jobs just to get by is not an easy task, especially with his octopus half. He tried to apply for numerous jobs, but due to what he is, most rejected him as soon as they saw his face, while the rest have rejected him at the sight of his limbs. As he was hoping for a miracle whilst shopping, he was startled at the sight of a motorcycle whizzing past him. As the flyers floated away from the motorcyclist, he picked one up, and saw that it was a cafe hiring people that was in any race, shape or form. Being a bit hopeful, he headed to the cafe. They can accept a Nicaen like him... right?


Trivia: [ anything else you wanna list out ]
  • Yes, he does the sucker popping thing whenever he's bored ( )
  • He does Japanese honorifics unless someone objects otherwise.
  • He has reading glasses that he occasionally uses.
  • He prefers to call his tentacles "limbs".
  • He has a very sensitive respiratory system so he wears a face mask outside, even if the air is somewhat clean.

Vivianne West [Mother]
Even if she was only a part of Takumi's life occasionally, she still cares for him and tries to help him in any way she can. To Takumi, Viv as a strong woman that had a skilled mind that he hopes to someday obtain. She gives him the occasional calls mostly to remind him to eat more.

Ebisu Saito [Father]
He was basically Takumi's role model, hoping to be like him one day-- confident, kind, and with a strong physique. He sends a gift and a giftcard everytime there's a holiday. (Even Valentines' Day)

Timezone: +8 GMT
Style: Script is my forte, but I can go semi-lit owob
Platforms: Mostly Discord but I can compromise!! ^w^
Comfort Zone: Hit me with your best shot--//FIRE AWAY
[TC] Outfit Meme 2: Ceallach Boogaloo
Time to raid this edge boi's closet OHOHOHOHOOHOHOHO~

AKA what his formal would look like if his parents let him wear what he wants :') He doesn't mind the occasional dress shirt, but it would deffo get wrinkled and tattered by the end of the day.

yes this boi does clean up if he's forced to HAHAHAHA this is what his sister gets him to wear because obvs his parents don't trust him to dress himself ever since he wore a grunge-y outfit and took over the ballroom's band at a gala. Since his family still lives in a high status society, they have a traditional family tartan, which he has pinned on his suit like a cape.

He usually goes commando but for the sake of everyone's eyes he's wearing his favorite boxers LMAO

At first glance you may think this is a normal summer get up but if you look at his shoes those shoes are those tacky dad shoes that everybody used to wear back in the 80s :') even this edge boi can't escape the horrors that is 80s fashion

Considering he's a bad boy ofc he's gonna have that signature bad boi leather jacket lel this was given to him by his childhood friend, Nathan. They usually go to grunge concerts and brood in malls.

Clothes Swap:
Since people were talking about how there's a charm competition going about, I figured whai not. Unfortunately for Kell here the hat is not agreeing with his hair and is ruining the gel style he did on it :')

Opposite Era:
19th century ruffian. Odds are he'd be a hooligan just cuz he was seen drinking tea in the off hours of the day.

He'd be that servant that girls and prolly some guys would go and fawn over while he serves tea~
[TC] Dulsiana Beauchene


[A/N] about time I revived my account lmao

Masterpiece: Les Bannis Ont Droit D'Amour (1756)
A painting created from a passionate artist, this piece portrayed a young woman with beautiful brownish red hair kneeling down at the steps of an altar, with the notable lighting of candles glowing around her. As the painter being such a romantic, his color choices for the painting ranged from reds to oranges, but oddly enough was mostly painted on at the girl. The rest of the painting is accurate with a church's structure and dull brown color, which made the girl stand out even more.

Full name: Dulsiana Beauchêne

Nickname: Dulce, Juliet

Gender: Female

Age: 19

DOB: February 15

Height / Weight: 170.1 (5'7") / 135 lbs (61.4 kgs)

Noticeable Features: 
- Her curly (and now short) brownish red hair
- Her plunging and questionable neckline

Amoral | Libidinous| Shallow | Frugal | Hardworking | Caring | Mature

Having a poor background, Dulsiana's view of the world was very grey, where the heroes can be corrupted and the villians might have some reason to their madness. It did give her a sense of caution, which created an advantage or disadvantage to meeting this beauty. On one hand, if you had a history as similar as hers, she might open up to you more, but on the other, if you had a silver spoon fed to you, it might deem difficult to win over Dulce.

Along with a broken down moral compass, Dulsiana has a very lustful air towards her, especially given the fact that she has to work at a brothel. With that said, her view of romance was so askewed that she thought that she might as well embrace that side of her. Ironically, she was one of the few in her workplace that has a level-headed mind and did not slowly turn insane after a week or two with questioning themselves and their view of love, romance, lust and the like.

Dulsiana loved to get any possible chance of money that she can get. Outside of the brothel, she tried to get odd jobs in her free time such as a measly flower girl on the streets or a waitress at a messy old bar. She does not waste a single penny given to her, even if it was one where she found on the street. Most of it goes to her own needs, not wants, as she's still at the bottom of the food chain, scraping up what little they can offer to her despite giving a lot in her job.

When one gets past by her defensive side, however, she does have a caring nature in her. Despite how she lived she still believes that she can still give her younger brothers a chance to get a decent future. With noting her family ties, Dulce does have maturity in her. She can lead and guide anyone that would need her help. the question is who she would give it to.

Exclamation After the experiences of the events that happened in the mansion, Dulce has become more reserved and aloof, but to an certain extent. She can still be open on a conversation if you talked to her, but whenever she's alone, you can catch her staring blankly, her eyes glassy and distant, as she she's contemplating something. Still, she does try her best to be the usual Dulce the people have grown to know of.

  • Money
  • Dancing
  • Gossiping with her workmates
  • Spending time with her brothers
  • Getting info from her workplace
  • The nightlife in the city
  • Helping her brothers
  • The calming aura of the church
  • Candlelight
  • The new hair that she gave to herself
  • People asking about her red shawl
  • Stale bread (Which is, sadly, their daily meal)
  • Questions of her other nickname, Juliet
  • Questions about her work
  • Escalated drama during work
  • Her body getting too tired for work
  • Her brothers misbehaving

It was uncertain on who created the painting, but most rumours that have floated around lately generalized that it was someone with royal ties, as the painting was discovered in a house of a lady in court. Most of the facts surrounding the artist are shrouded in mystery, but the only solid evidence that the painter existed was from the lady of the household, 
Baroness Nicole de Réveil. She claimed that the painter was her brother, yet the existence of her brother was true, there was no evidence of him being a painter. Nevertheless, her story of the painting is the only one that holds substance.

Her brother, Baron Simeon de Réveil, was said to be a hopeless romantic. There were records of him courting countless women, but none that were important enough to have documented names. There was one woman, however, that caught the Baron's gleaming eyes. She said that he claimed that her name was Dulsiana Beauchêne, but there were no records of her, not even a birth certificate. Most of his colleagues said that he just drank too much and daydreamed of the redheaded beauty. Despite that, he was enamoured and entranced by her.

It was a dark night, and he was walking along the streets. Most of his friends already left, leaving him to his own devices. He was later beguiled by the warm light of a small church. When he saw the redheaded woman, however, he started walking towards the building. He claimed that he was in a spell, spellbound by her beauty. By the time he was about to speak to her, however, it was already dusk, and his servants were looking for him and took him back to their household.

After that it was all he could think about. He tried to visit the church again, but there no sign of his mysterious girl. Then he visited it the second time. Then third, fourth, and fifth. He was about to abandon his fleeting dream until he found her, at last. Though he didn't see her at the church. It was quite the opposite. She was wearing ragged clothes, her face and hand were muddied and was holding a measly basket of torn flowers. Despite all of that, he thought that he saw an angel underneath the soot. Afterwards, the Baron talked to her beside the church, and he almost fell in love in an instant.

"Almost" is a notable word in this, for the back of his mind drilled on him. With him being a Baron, he should never fall in love with a peasant girl, and one with such a criminal reputation. It would ruin his household to rot. He kept their relationship a secret, but unfortunately it wasn't hidden for long. Soon after, word spread of the forbidden romance, with the court deeming the Baron mad and the girl a witch. Both were imprisoned soon after, with the baron in his house with watchful eye of his parents and servants, and the girl under a jail cell. It wasn't long before a trial took place for the girl, with a beheading followed after. The Baron's parents couldn't bear to have a misfit for a son, so they erased any history of their child having any connection with the girl, and claimed that he died at an early age.

It didn't erase the existence of the painting, however. Under his sister's word, in their room he worked on a painting, a painting of his beloved. Being someone with almost no painting skills, it took him years to paint the piece, almost the rest of his lifetime. Nevertheless, the painting was finished, the passion he had for the girl poured onto the painting. After his death, the Baroness kept it under hiding from her parents until the memory of the tragedy dispersed. Later on, it was erected as a centerpiece in an orphanage, one where the Baroness built in tribute to her brother until Versuvius gained ownership of it as a sign of friendship with the Baroness. How the friendship formed was somewhat of a happy accident, as the Baroness wanted to visit the mansion to say hello to her old friends that supposedly lived there, but Baroness Nicole mistook the mansion's name from her own friends' last names, that were somewhat similar to the mansion's. Despite the large age gap, Lady Nicole still treated him with the same kindness as she did with the children at the orphanage, being a somewhat friendly grandmother figure to the young man.

Versuvius applauded the passion of the painting, but the technique showed that it was made by an amateur. He later added things that made the painting more realistic, such as contrast of shadows and the structure of the church. Afterwards the painting became more lively, making the woman in the painting stand out more and the candles glow ever more vibrant.

When the woman, Dulsiana, awakened from the painting, she wasn't aware of how she was born, yet all of the heartache and pain felt true in her mind. She wasn't sure how she survived the trial, but she was later convinced that someone took pity on her and took her in the mansion. As of now she's anxious of what the future may hold of this Masterpiece. 

  • The painting, Les Bannis Ont Droit D'Amour, is French for "The Banished Have a Right to Love," an obvious title the Baron chose for him and the woman.
  • Dulsiana doesn't have any memory of owning a cross, nor does she recall how it came into her possession. Nevertheless, she kept it as she felt there was an importance to her having it.
  • The shawl she's wearing had a royal feel to it, but she couldn't recall if it belonged to the Baron or not.
  • There were no records of her so-called brothers, but the Baroness did have a few volunteers in the orphanage that match the description of them.
  • She is not aware that she's a Masterpiece, but she does question why she smelled as if she bathed in oil paint for years. 
  • She tries to hide the smell with the smell of candlelight. One can usually find her near areas lit by candlelight, hoping that her theory of masking the smell with such works.
  • Even without the odd smell, she does have a fascination with candles. That was from her creator, the Baron, as he met the real Dulce under such lighting.
Relationships (This is how Dulce perceives them by-the-by lmao plz don't kill me) :

Theodore Raymond Chevalier

"Ray is my first friend here, and honestly he's the one I've trusted most of all."
Ray was one of the first to talk to Dulce since she entered the mansion, making him one of her first friends. Not only that, he's also the one that informed her of her being a Masterpiece. Even though it did trouble Dulce, it did gave Ray her trust, making him one of the few, if not the only one Dulce could trust in the mansion.

Henrietta Floris  Chastain

"Henry here is rather... amusing, to say the least. I wouldn't exactly write her down as an acquaintance, however."
Henrietta and Dulce are practically two polar opposites, especially given Henrietta's status and how she upholds it dearly. Because of this, Dulce instantly branded her as an everyday snob that she-- well, the real Dulce-- used to encounter in her previous life. Still, she can't deny that their back-to-backs were memorable.

Jonathan Dela Cuesta

"... His candies are sweet."
The most memorable thing Dulce has on John was how he introduced her to the love of her life lollipop. Much to his discomfort on Dulce's approach on the candy, they're actually getting along well, even chatting at the ball once.

Soleil Traverse

"That camera device of her is fascinating! Hopefully we get to capture more memories in it soon."
When Soleil introduced her to the camera, Dulce was intrigued, until she was caught offguard by it. Still, it did start the beginning of a possibly new friendship for her.

Zheng, Jun-Yi 

"Soleil's friend was a nice fellow and a lovely dance partner! I hope to talk to him again."
Sadly, they haven't interacted that much except for the ball, but it was still a good start for Dulce, especially since it's one of the few friendships she had that didn't involve her tripping or having some sort of odd or ethnic movement she did on the first introductions. Just like Soleil, it'd be nice for her to talk to the quiet man again.
[TC] Ceallach McAlistair
[A/N] Eeeeeyyyy new char lET'S G O

Full name: Ceallach (KELL-ack) McAlistair

Nickname: Keller, Kell, Kaye

Gender: Male

Age: 20

DOB: November 20

Height / Weight: 175 cm (5'9" ft) / 156 lbs (70.8 kgs)

Noticeable Features: 
- Multiple piercings on his face (And one on his bellybutton)
- A tattoo on his left arm with angel wings and a somewhat anarchy symbol
- Bright ocean blue eyes
- The acoustic bass guitar he usually carries

Amoral | Crude | Arrogant| Adaptive | Hardworking | Passionate | Spontaneous

Despite being someone whom was raised in an high society family, Ceallach's moral compass would be better used as a blender more than anything else. His morality is as low as how his parents looked down on him, and with somewhat of a good reason. Being a child that was brought up with the start of nonconformism and "standing up to the man" during his teen years, He has a tendency of being inappropriate to the point that he was banned to attending a charity gala that involved donating for children. His antics doesn't stop there, as his amorality also blurs out his vision of seeing how such actions can have consequences, such as test driving a car in a showcase and then trying to drive it through its podium to see how fast it can really go. He also has a knack of being... in love with himself a bit too much. He can hold himself off at times, but don't be surprised if you catch him pepping himself up in the mirror or taking an hour or so in the bathroom just for the sake of his hair. 

Still, Ceallach has his good points, such as him striving to be better than he is now in the musical sense. His love for music is one of the very few things that he cares about, and it gave him the force to keep such strong determination. One of the things he doesn't care about, however, is whether his plan will go accordingly or not. Whenever things don't go his way, he simply chooses shrug it off and move on or take something out of what happened as a lesson of some sort (whether he can remember it or not is the real question.). 

Amidst of the bad reputation that he's gained (or even glorifies), he does have a soft heart. As said before, he does have an unwavering love for music, and being a young man in an upper-crust family didn't shy him away from gaining a lot of admirers either. Even if he's noncommittal, he does make each relationship that he's even been in a memorable one, mostly hoping that such memories are good ones. As he's noncommittal, it's not surprising that he'd be a "jump first, ask questions later" type of person. He rarely has second thoughts on things, so odds are you might see him doing something he has zero knowledge of.

  • His blue acoustic bass guitar
  • The tattoo he got
  • The right kind of hair gel that naturally helps his hair
  • The guitar pick he kept that he and his sister made
  • Music, mostly anything that's rock or alternative
  • Fiddling with his bass guitar until he conjures up a good enough melody to be made into a song
  • Planning stuff midway
  • Playing his guitar in general
  • alcohol especially white wine
  • Helping his twin sister writing lyrics for their song
  • People treating him as "that one rocker dude"
  • Somebody trating his twin sister badly
  • Forgetting to remove his detachable piercings before bed
  • Stuffy parties that his parents host (i.e. garden parties, balls, dinner parties, etc.)
  • Having to wear formal suits
  • Parents' friends patronizing him
  • Writer's block on a song

Born into privilege, Ceallach had it lucky: Both of his parents worked full-time, until they finally breached a point where they can live in the lap of luxury, with six digit salaries from them both. Sadly, it didn't sit well for a young child whose only friend was his twin. Most of the parental care was given to the servants of the house, but Ceallach didn't complain: With that he can at least get their attention and maybe work his way to his parents. Unfortunately, that still didn't work, and so Ceallach set to himself that the only one he can trust was his sister, since she was the only one that didn't leave him.

As they grew into adolescence and started school, it became rather difficult. Even though they gained popularity from being rich kids, it was merely a shiny wrapper underneath a crummy piece of expired candy. The kids that flocked around them were merely getting to them to have some sort of monetary gain, either just a simple borrowing of money to even asking for presents on the person's birthday. As the twins expressed their sadness to their parents, they decided to have them move to a more private school, the one their childhood friend attends. With that, it became almost normal for them.

Still, it didn't stop Ceallach's sense for mischief and mayhem: Being the rebel that he is, he became the school's class action lawsuit, as he started terrorizing it with multiple pranks such as tagging the school lockers, replacing the school's flag with his underwear and even stuffing his home room teacher's car with apples to "keep him away from class." His parents were informed, but they merely responded with a paycheck to the school to not damage his permanent record.

Now a built young man, he became a real charmer and a musical talent as he reached his college years. He doesn't take it seriously, though, as what he was forced upon was a course in Business so that he can take over the family's inherited company whilst his sister can be with the childhood friend and handle their company there. Realizing that his life was being planned down to the letter, he needed the escape. As it was his summer break, he didn't go home to his parents as he promised. Instead he stayed in France where he studied and tries to walk around in the cities, trying to escaped the locked life that he's living. Later on, he found the Wiegenlied mansion. His mind wanted to turn away, as it reminded him of what he's been avoiding, but his feet kept walking towards it, until finally he entered the gates, and sealing his "visit."


Angela McAlistair (20) - Twin sister and best friend. She's practically the yin to his yang, as she's as prim and proper as his brother's as rough and rugged. Depite him being the eldest, Angela is the one their parents trust more. Angela doesn't exactly support Ceallach's impulsive behaviour but she still cares for him like the big brother she makes him out to be. The one thing they do have in common is their love for music, as they both play: Ceallach on the bass guitar and Angela with the piano. Angela is usually the lyricist, while Ceallach usually works on the melody.

Nathaniel O'Connell (22) - Childhood friend and Angela's supposed "boyfriend," as their parents keep pushing those two together. Despite this, Ceallach and Nathaniel connected well, as they have more similar tastes given the fact that Nathaniel is an emo crybaby follows the same rock circles as Ceallach. Nathaneil even helps the twins' music from time to time, given that he plays the guitar.Nathaniel has the tendency of being a sourpuss and having a serious tone on almost anything, which Ceallach loves to tease him about.

  • He's from Scottish descent, but thankfully having international ties his accent isn't that thick. (But god help people that hear him drunk)
  • He can play the bagpipes, but it's more of a grade-school-I-had-to-learn-this-cuz-private-tutor-said-so level
  • He has his own hair routine (Shampoo then conditioner and a dab of hair gel)
  • His favorite hair gel is Dippity Do.
  • The symbol on his tattoo and guitar pick is from the band the twins made together.
  • The band that they made was called the All-Stars.
  • Listening to: My Stream Playlist
  • Watching: My Picarto Chat
[EDIT] STREAM HAS ENDED! A big thank you to the peeps who popped in!

Okay so
Since idk how to do those small update bubble things yet imma just make a journal
Anywho, I'm gonna stream in around 30 mins (10:30 pm UTC +8 aka Philippine Standard Time)
If anybody wants to check it out, hop into
I'm gonna finish up an artwork I'm working on and then I'll take requests afterwards.

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