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“Ah ha ha…” Fleur laughed so hard she fell out of her chair, landing on the floor in the reading room with a dull thud but it didn’t stop her from rolling onto her side. Tears streamed down her cheeks and after a solid minute, she finally managed to draw in a gasping breath of air.

Caspian sat on the other side of the table, watching his friend fall into a giggle fit at his expense. “It really wasn’t that funny,” he said with a whine. Ears drooped in shame and embarrassment, he shot Fleur a glare when finally she sat up which only served to send her into another bout of laughter.

“Oh but it is, it is!” She wiped her eyes with the back of her paw.

With a sigh of defeat, Caspian put his chin on the table. “I didn’t even get her name…” He sighed.

Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning.

Red skies at night, sailors delight.

As a kittom with the love of water and sea adventures, he knew more than most how those two statements held a fair amount of truth to them. But what happens when you run into another kittom whos fur looked like she had been painted with the colors of Silveil durring the Starfall Festival?

Well, if you’re Caspian… after accidentally running into her, nose to nose, you simply stare blankly at her completely dumbfounded, tuck your tail between your hind legs and apparently run away.

For what it was worth it wasn’t completely his fault. With all the miasma still lingering around Eyre he had been, for all intents and purposes, trapped in Bellmoril; more specifically the capital Il’Durahn. While there were waterfalls outside the main city, he could only watch them from the windows as it wasn’t safe for him to out venturing out alone without an adult to accompany him. Pachua, his mentor, was around somewhere but he was busy with his own tasks to babysit him constantly.

All he wanted to do was to go play in the water and swim without worry about getting sick. Perhaps even go diving for some treasure that had been lost. Fleur, his one friend in this bustling city of academics with its stone buildings and high pitched roofs, had been providing him with books upon books filled with adventures and stories that got his imagination going. More than anything he missed Palu’au and it’s coastal clear waters that were great for diving. But he was neither here nor there and because of that, all he could really do was read or walk around the stone-paved city with ivy growing on the sides of buildings and street merchants selling their wares.

However, there was one book she did give him that he found rather interesting. It spoke about elemental channeling and while a lot of it went over his head, the concept sounded exciting. Caspian had wanted to ask Pachua about it, see what he knew of the topic and had set out to find him.

The trees still held their leaves, fiery orange that swayed in the soft breeze. A stark contrast to the backdrop of old grey buildings and blue sky overhead. He weaved his way through the city streets and back alleyways, noting that several of the adults had been acting more than just a little friendly with one another; sitting closely outside shops, shoulders touching with a whimsical look in their eyes.

More often than usual there were gifts given and while he had originally thought that it must be one of their birthdays, he learned soon enough that wasn’t quite the case. Fleur had seemed quite a bit dismayed by his obliviousness but had been kind enough to explain. It had been as if an epiphany had exploded in his brain in the most spectacular ‘Ah-ha’ moment followed up by a look of disgust and an ‘eww’.

Friendship was all he had wanted or needed, well that and adventures of course. Which is why he had missed the stricken look on Fleur’s face which was quickly hidden when she turned away.

All these lovey-dovey displays of affection were confusing to a little kittom like Caspian, he just simply didn’t get it and instead shook his head, ears flopping from side to side as he continued on his temporary quest to find Pachua. However, as fate would have it, he rounded a corner while lost in thought and found himself nose to nose with a kittom that made his mind pause and heart skip a beat.

“I-” He blinked several times, eyes the color of fresh-cut limes stared into those of the most vibrant pink skittered “I-” he stuttered, unable to find the words to finish his sentence before skittering backward. “I’m sorry!” Caspian blurted out, bowing his head in apology then scrambled down the street and around the corner of someone’s home leaving a rather bewildered kittom there standing.

His back leaned against the stone as he tried to catch his breath and after a minute he peeked around the corner to see if she was still there. Of course, she wasn’t which he honestly wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not.

Which is why he was back at the bookshop where Fleur helped out rather than wherever his mentor was currently.

“Oh my, you really are smitten aren’t you?” She finally asked after catching her breath and climbing back into the chair she had been sitting in.

“I’m what?” He asked, confused.

“You know… Twitterpated? On cloud nine? A classic example of love at first sight?” The list could go on but eventually, he’d catch on.

“Am not!” Caspian argued defiantly then proceeded to stick his little green tongue out at her like the child he was.

“Are too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting there sulking like that.” Fleur pointed out, her floppy striped ears bouncing as she nodded her head in affirmation.

“Whatever…” he huffed, rolling his eyes dramatically before turning his head to look away. He definitely didn’t find it funny and now that he ran away he was pretty sure there was no chance in all of Eyre that pink-eyed kittom would look his way again, at least not willingly. “I’m going to go to bed.”

Despite it still being light outside, Caspian walked over to the staircase and up to the second floor with a long hallway that lead to a room Fleur was letting him stay in. However, before he could disappear behind the wall, she shouted up at him. “When you’re done sulking, I’ll help you try to find her again.”

He paused then shook his head, feeling like it would be an impossible task but at least his friend was offering to help which gave him a glimmer of hope that it could be done. “Maybe tomorrow,” Caspian shouted back down to her which was immediately followed by a loud Shushing sound from one of the adult Elnin that was currently trying to read.

Why was it he was always the one that got in trouble for being too loud? He pondered this thought to himself before retreating to his room where he shut the door and crawled into bed. He sat there for several minutes knowing that sleep would not come easy and eventually re-opened the book his friend had lent him on channeling and try reading it again. Perhaps if he might pick up on something he had missed before.
This is the written portion that went along with the pixel I did of Caspian and Kibeth for the February prompt ( This comes before [Prompt] New Horizons(

Obviously this doesn't count for any points but at least it got done, even if it's a bit late. 
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