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For Shantae fans! for all those who love shantae and her awesome games!
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COM: Twitch from Shantae by AzureRat
Shantae (fan art) (digital) by AndryHF
Hatsune Shantae by SuperSegaSonicSS
My Shantae Card by kamenridermebius

Gallery Folders

Centaur Shantae. by nickhalperin
Shantae the Half Genie Bride by Blazbaros
Shantae by hexylamine
Jenna, Jenny, Alt and more singing you might think by MikeJEddyNSGamer89
Shantae by MyPaint-YourBlood
I-Dream-of-a-Half-Genie by OmegaSunBurst
Shantae by rongs1234
princess outfit Shantae by BigMarioFan99
Risky Boots
Choose an Island by BigMarioFan99
pirate captain Risky Boots by BigMarioFan99
proud damaged Risky Boots by BigMarioFan99
imprisoned Risky Boots by BigMarioFan99
Uncle Mimic
Uncle Mimic by BigMarioFan99
scolding Mimic by BigMarioFan99
happy Sky by BigMarioFan99
angry Sky by BigMarioFan99
Read-to-fight Bolo by BigMarioFan99
happy Bolo by BigMarioFan99
Bolo by BigMarioFan99


COM: Twitch from Shantae by AzureRat COM: Twitch from Shantae :iconazurerat:AzureRat 82 19 Shantae (fan art) (digital) by AndryHF Shantae (fan art) (digital) :iconandryhf:AndryHF 7 1 Hatsune Shantae by SuperSegaSonicSS Hatsune Shantae :iconsupersegasonicss:SuperSegaSonicSS 61 2 My Shantae Card by kamenridermebius My Shantae Card :iconkamenridermebius:kamenridermebius 4 8 Shantae dancer Card by kamenridermebius
Mature content
Shantae dancer Card :iconkamenridermebius:kamenridermebius 4 0
Mimic's Wish (Colored by LuckyJack020) by LuckyJack020 Mimic's Wish (Colored by LuckyJack020) :iconluckyjack020:LuckyJack020 73 27






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thanks for receiving my request
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SigurdTheDragon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Listen im just going to tell u all straight out what I think about WayForward. WAYFORWARD DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEIR FANS!

These are the reasons why I feel that:
Late to talk about the smash ballot I know, but I feel strongly that Shantae got more votes than Bayonetta but Shantae was never considered because honestly I feel that WayForward never considered trying to convince Nintendo to put her in smash, they were always telling their fans to do all the convincing for them in twitter, but I never heard anywhere that they did some work on convincing themselves. If im wrong and its actually because she just isn't that well known then guess what WayForward, maybe u guys shouldn't have butchered Shantaes entry into the video game industry by making her first game on the GBC when the GBA was already released, I mean come on couldn't u guys have waited to release her on the GBA first, u guys have us waiting for everything, yet u guys couldn't wait, its like if a wii only game were released right now.

We all want a Shantae amiibo, Yacht club a brand new company that was barely founded in 2011 and most if not all of its employees are from WayForward, really WayForward u expect me to believe that a new company were most of its employees used to work for u while u guys have been making games since 1990 could get their own amiibo but u guys cant, yet we the fans tell them of a Shantae amiibo and they always say "We are currently working on it" no u aren't its just that u guys don't want to.

"Half genie hero is coming soon" a phrase that WayForward wont quit telling there fans about the release date to half genie hero SINCE THE GAME WAS FIRST KICKSTARTED IN 2013 OR 2014! seriously its 2016 now, and still coming soon coming soon coming soon! DEFINE SOON! I have always been following the video game industry and I can promise u that no video game company has ever gotten their fans hope up with saying coming soon when they clearly know that it aint, no instead they give u an estimated release date that could be years from now, but atleast its the truth when it might come out, and they definitely don't say a game is coming out in spring of this year but at the same time it could be winter of this year, its one release date a year not two, make up your minds! Its like with mighty no 9, but atleast they didn't say coming soon since day one, they're barely going to put Riskys Revenge DC on the Wii U when they have been saying that was there plan since it first got released on the pc in 2014, what the hell are u guys doing in your offices, jerking off to Shantae porn! Laughing

And that's another thing, do I have to mention that they purposely make Shantae and the other female characters of her series look like eye candy, does WayForward know that not all Shantae fans want to see her showing off more skin than she already is Upset I could understand if u guys were Japanese but none of u are, so knock it off with the Shantae hot and sexy SHIT! Mark my words, Shantaes mother will look like Mrs. Fanservice. We all know why the Shantae series is your #1 selling series, AND U IDIOTS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!! :X (Mad) 

If I am wrong then my apologies to WayForward, but I haven't been proven wrong. I wish the Shantae series wasn't owned by a company as retarded and perverted as WayForward. Please who ever reads this I want to hear your comments, do u agree, disagree or no comment and why :? (Confused) It hurts me to see their twitter page and see fellow Shantae fans ask WayForward when Is something that u guys said was coming soon going to be released, WayForwards response "Coming soon" "We are working on it" and a year has passed and still NOTHING! Angered

I am showing this to all Shantae fans because Shantae deserves our continued support :iconshantaeplz: 

kamenridermebius Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
um hello i would like to add my shantae cards to your club plz?
TheSparklyMisfit Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my crossover pic ^^
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