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calvin and hobbes

happy birthday, cody! you're the best!

it may be a year late, but it's on time this year!

calvin and hobbes, done more realistically, more my way. i'd wear that hoodie.
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amazing!! I loved those two
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Just saw this pic on 9gag, had to see a better version of it. This is awesome!
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I feel weird saying this about a drawing, but Hobbes is really hot. One thing that bugs me, though, is that I can't seem to figure out the arm placement on him.
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hobbes is the welferd of calvin's childhood
Omg...this is great art!

(And is it wrong for me to think that this Hobbes loooks, well, hot..?? :P)
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No, no it isn't.
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wow... did you like take a pic of a kid on ur back in costume and put effects on it?!
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Wow! perfect work!
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Awesome! I want that hoodie...
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My friend owns a hoodie like that. :XD:
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I love it!
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I want this hoodie for Halloween at Six Flags with my friend going as Calvin!
Imagine my disappointment when finding nothing as awesome as the one drawn here. :(
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You are an artist
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This is so adorable!! I love it its amazing!!
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i wanna rip that hoodie of of hobbes and wear it!
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FUUUUOMG that's the cutest picture ever!!! :iconiloveitplz:
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hobbes is hot xDD aahaha- he looks like he'd make a great big brother role!
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I'd wear that hoodie , too. :D
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This was wonderful; I love how you made him human.
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This is very cool. :)

Very cool indeed. :D

I love how you made hobbes human. ... Cool!

And I love the expression you gave Calvin. Great job. :icongrin--plz:
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...Hobbes is hot.

...Just saying.

/crawls in hole.
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What program did you use? I'm really wondering.
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This... is beyond perfect. There aren't even any words to describe how utterly indescribable this piece of work is. I was searching Calvin and Hobbes fanart, where Hobbes had the personality/appearance of a tiger, but was actually human. PERFECT!!!!! Incidentally, the picture further reminded me of the (slashy, but not quite slash) fanfic of C&H. You, I think, might enjoy it. It's called "Done Up My Buttons and Unstitching My Seams" by Cleo Leo. Made me fall in love with Hobbes all over again. Also, do you mind if I use this as a computer background? :3
Also, I would totally wear that hoodie, and if I had enough time on my hands, I would totally make it.
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