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Paper Betties Mini - Leola

Paper Doll of my "Leola" Steampunk character.

Originally I was going to print it and pass it out for free at the "Wild Wild West" Steampunk Convention.
I decided to save the money to buy awesomeness for myself at the Con instead.
So your gain, as I'm now offering it here for free!

This is a "Mini" doll, but I'm thinking about doing a full size version with more clothing to sell through my "PaperBetties" website... eventually. :)


DISCLAIMER: This doll has been provided for your PERSONAL enjoyment. All my artwork is Copyright protected, and as such you are not allowed to reproduce it without my permission.

This Doll is not to be redistributed in any form or used as a base for your own artwork. Feel free to create and share your own clothing creations, with exception of racist, hateful or pornographic imagery. You can keep that nonsense to yourself.
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© 2011 - 2021 Shannanigan
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I adore her gown, with the striped skirt.
MaverikKnight's avatar
Really well drawn, but at the same time, I LOVE that green hair :)
Panic-Button-419's avatar
XD I have those pinstriped pants
colinmo's avatar
What a lovely gift! *ponders putting together a JS-dressup thing using this as thanks*
colinmo's avatar
For fun: [link]

Happy to remove it if it's a problem, also happy to hand the code over to you to put on your site.
Shannanigan's avatar
Wow... that was so fast! I have no problem with it being there.

I notice that some of the pieces need trimming and adjusting, like the hair.
Since some of it is to be tucked behind the doll when cut out... but AWESOME! :D
colinmo's avatar
Cool! Thanks :)

Yeah, I've tried to trim things to work but I will revisit them a bit to remove some extra bits and pieces to make it work better soon. I also have ideas on how to get things like the satchel to have the back of the strap behind the other pieces while the front is ... err... in front. Will take some time to experiment though.
Skaramine's avatar
She is gorgeous. Loved her bionic arm and her pinstrip pants outfit.
Hooterville's avatar
Nice One, Why don't I order a couple of these?
Huwman's avatar
Your stuff just keeps getting better and better!
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