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Mushnik's Florist - Crazy 4 Cult

By Shannanigan
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Well... here it is... the piece I did for Gallery 1988's "Crazy 4 Cult" show in NYC in August 2012. This print was totally sold out... I was so excited!!

It was an amazing opening... people lined up around the block to get in all night!! I'm really honored to be in such a popular art exhibit... :D

This print was totally sold out... I was so excited!!
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PLEASE let us order these in larger sizes!!! I just ordered the postcard from your Etsy shop, but I seriously NEED a bigger one. Or two! My brother would LOVE this, too!
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WoW!! Amazing, its like Spore Spawn from super metroid...
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I don't suppose it's at all possible to get a print of this now, is it? I recently got this on an ebay auction, but it turned out to be a page out of a book I believe? It has other prints on the back, likely also from the Crazy 4 Cult gallery. I love this piece so much, I'd love to have a legitimate print of it. I can't even begin to describe how much this show and Audrey II mean to me.
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Someone sold it from the book??!! That is insane... I may have to hunt this person down and give them a piece of my mind!!

I've been thinking about doing a smaller 8x10 run of prints (the original was limited edition, 11x14).
I need to check with the Gallery. I don't want to do it if it has the potential to sully my name or theirs.
The original was a limited run... I just want to make sure if I reprint it that its "ethical". Know what I mean?
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Yeah. I knew it wasn't legit when I bought it, cause the seller tried passing it off as an old movie poster concept, and I could tell that wasn't true by the signature signed in 2012. =P But I couldn't track you down till after it arrived. Now that I found the artist, I want to support her work!
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I appreciate it! I'll let you know about the prints...
I've had several people ask about it so if the Gallery is cool with it I'll figure something out!
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Love it, amazing work!
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Reminds me of seeing the show off-broadway... great job.
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Love the play, and this is a great piece. Well done on the Audrey II's.
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this is awesome!! :meow:
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The ass...this kicks it.
*sings loudly* "DOWN ON SKID ROW......"
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