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GDG - Geisha Samurai

By Shannanigan
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Weekly Artwork for "Girls Drawin' Girls" blog. This weeks theme is "Japanese Fashion".

Since the whole Little Girl clothing fetish the Japanese have creeps me out I decided to go "old school"... taking Samurai Armor and Geisha style and mashing them together.

As I was searching DA for Geishas I found =ladydove7-stock photo series "Geisha & Sword". Very inspiring... thanks!

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This is beautiful!
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Abstotutely beautiful!
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Very awesome and beautiful! I'm horrid at coloring in photoshop... any tips?
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Thank You!

Hmmm... I don't have any tips really. I sort of "do it" and hope my drawings turns out. LOL!
Only advice I can give is practice and experiment a lot to find your own way around the program.

And no matter what you read from other artists or tutorials, don't flatten your layers... use lots of them! :D
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thanks! i know the layers part from my photoshop class, i had a very good teacher... thanks again though :)
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I love the addition of the Sword. The girls you draw are never helpless.
Outstanding job again...
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Never helpless... there is too much of that in Girl Art.
I prefer to draw women as confident... and a bit mischievous. :D
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Love the detail! Hopefully you had patterns for the fabric prints. ;)
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Actually... I'm a glutton for punishment... I made the kimono print!
I used several different flower brushes I have for photoshop, so I didn't draw them myself but yeah might as well have. I think I spent as much time putting that design together than the whole rest of the drawing! :D
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So pretty! And the colors are fantastic.
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