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C2C - West Virginia

By Shannanigan
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You may or may not have seen my Journal Entry about rehashing & expanding an old Pin-Up theme I did back in 1999...
Pin-Ups based on the 50 States of America. I'm calling it "Coast to Coast" (C2C) for now...

Sooo... here is my first stab it at (with a pickaxe no less! LOL!)

West Virginia - Coal Miner
State Flower - Big Laurel
State Insect - Monarch Butterfly

I'm pretty happy with the layout and textured background. Hopefully it will translate well with the rest of the states.
I'm thinking these will eventually become Postcards and Greeting Cards... something like that. We shall see. :)

You can see details & inspiration HERE!

Support Women of the USA... their Rights, Health and Choice!!!
Emily's List ... Planned Parenthood ... NARAL

Fight for Women's Rights Worldwide ... UN Women
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ooooooo do california next!! :D
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I love the concept for this series! And this is really cute--I don't remember ever seeing a coal miner pinup before, haha.
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Me either... and I did some extensive Google'ing!!

Only thing I found was a Coal Miner Pin-Up tattoo (very modern looking)... and some super hoochy Halloween Costumes. LOL!
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Ooh! Fantastic idea! Are you going in any particular order this time?
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I thought about going in order of "Statehood"... but there are several States that I just can't think of anything for yet (like Delaware... the 1st state! LOL!) I'm just going to do them as they come to me, so I don't get stuck and putter out. :)
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Awesome work. And a very different idea than what a lot of people do for series, and such. I can definitely see these as post cards, and greeting cards. Great idea.
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