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Am I just a boiler with nothing inside...

By Shannanigan
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So its Robot Mania on Tumbler.... and everyone in the Steam Powered Giraffe Fandom over there are creating "Fanbots". I decided to throw my hat in the ring and here is the result. I hadn't intended to go this far with it but I was inspired! That doesn't happen as much as I'd like these days so I rolled with it...

Title taken from my favorite Steam Powered Giraffe song... "Brass Goggles", at least until I come up with a name for her... suggestions welcome! EDIT #2: The name has been chosen... henceforth this Ladybot shall be called "Billie Boiler".

I took lots of screenshots of the process... so I'll do a progression / close-up of this and put in my scraps tomorrow. EDIT: Ok that didn't happen... but I will add it eventually.

P.S. Make sure to stop over at Bunny "Rabbit" Bennett's Deviantart page to see official SPG artwork of awesomeness! *whitebunny
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Cool... thanks!! :D
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Thank you for accepting the submission request!

Since your fanbot is in the group ^U^ maybe you could join the group too!?~
It would sure make me happy if you did!
We have a contest going on right now!~

Its focused on meeting more SPG fans and connecting with fan made characters!
I am hoping to encourage roleplay between the bots and engineers.
But you do not need to RP in the group if you don't want to

There are also folders to display
Fan art
Fan comics
and SPG geared Commission sheets!

And I am always open to suggestions to improve the group!
Thank you for hearing me out! Its all up to you now~
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Oh, I love it! So very creative<3
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...Belle Potty. XD;;;

I should get in on Robot Mania~!
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Ok... so I'm leaning towards "Billie Boiler" or "Bobby Boiler".
I'm liking the idea of a non-traditional girl's first name. :)
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Shoot. Now I wish I'd come up with Billie Boiler for SSnPP....... XD;
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Maybe she can make a cameo appearance... :D
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Belle Potty... LOL!

You do Robot Mania every day... but yes you should do a Fanbot! :D
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