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TDA Yukako Yamagishi Download by ShannaHeart, visual art


Deviation Spotlight

TDA Jolyne Cujoh Download! by ShannaHeart, visual art

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My Bio

Nice to meet you. Not much to say about me really, I'm a Irish-American, Christian woman. My current fandom is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Be careful about the deeper parts of my gallery, the anatomy

gets worse and there's some cringe worthy stuff.

I didn't put them all in storage to remind myself not to go down that route again.

I currently run a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure blog for my twin ocs, Shanna and Rose. There, you'll find a lot more lore on them and the JoJo au than you will on here. I also use it as a main blog, but I tag it accordingly. This au is shared between TheBizarrekazeko, thebigblackdevil5, RainwaterPearls and I.

I have no social media outside of youtube, tumblr, instagram, deviantart, and steam.

Shanna Sprite Commission By Cidiot D8thuuh-fullvie

I have an oc named Shanna, and she used to be my self oc, that's why

shes named after me, but as time went on, I've finally been able to

develop her into her own character. So, if you wish, you can

call me Heart to avoid confusion between her and I.

I also go by IF, IFFY, and Strawberry!


I hope we can get along! I'm always open for art trades by the way. The art used as decorations on my profile are made by Opal-Kittens, Micha19, pinpale, LavaSpinosaurus from deviantart, and niitsumee from tumblr. Please check out their wonderful works!


Thank you for visiting my profile! I have autism, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I may be sensitive or have trouble wording things, or picking up on social cues. Please be patient!


Rps are only with friends, sorry!


Favourite Visual Artist
My friends, especially ones I know in real life such as KillerandLadyPawPaw
Favourite Movies
Don't really have one, I like horror alot though, comedy second.
Favourite TV Shows
Higurashi, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, King of the Hill, Winx Club
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vocaloids, Utaus, Slipknot, Skillet, Metallica, Emilie Autumn, Babymetal, etc
Favourite Books
I like manga, or rather graphic novels in general. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favorites.
Favourite Games
Xenosaga...its so nostalgic..
Favourite Gaming Platform
I don't care honestly XD
Tools of the Trade

Please help...

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My friend @RainwaterPearls has no money for food or to drop things off at the dump. She’s been sick with covid for a week now and is going on her second week of having it. She is not getting any sick pay from her job and had to spend the last of her money on gas for the car. Please...if you can donate even a little bit of money, it would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps. You can donate here. Or if you prefer, she has eye textures and a hair texture for sell for MMD usage. You can buy them here:
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Just a heads up! Activity is going to slow and I MIGHT go on hiatus for the rest of the month. I haven’t gone to therapy at all this month, because I have too many things I need to save money for, and each visit costs me about $120 because unfortunately, my therapist doesn’t take my insurance, but she’s great and I completely trust her, and she’s always helped me. Sooo basically what I’m saying is, I’ve been hiding it pretty well, but my mental health has been pretty rocky this month, and trying to be active on social media doesn’t really help it. Right now I feel fine, but like, a little over a week there, I felt anxiety just getting on everyday. So I’m gonna be taking a mental health break! So if I go silent, please do not panic! I promise I will be back! Thank you everyone for always showing me such kindness and support, you all really help contribute to giving me the strength to get up each day. But for now I just REALLY need this break! Love you all! ♡
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No special reason, just if you wanna donate points, there's a box here! Points mostly just help me get some pay to use items for MMD, or to give out as prizes in contests. :)

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Since I got no tumblr and I try to write as a anon but it was to long xD

Naomi as a anon:<i> So let's say that a fan of Shanna sees her on one of her days off, the fan get reakky excited to meet their idiom as they rushed over to her ajd they shyly greet her! Knowing Shanna, she knows some fans could get shy merting their idols the first time which finds sweet, they chst and the fan ask her if they get a autograph which of course Shanna says yes since she loves meeting her fans but soon she gets a call amd excuses herself for a moment before turning to look at the fan telling them that she has to get gping since something came up. She smiles telling them she is really glad she got to meet her fans on her day off. Soon the fans in such a starstruck they forgot to ask Shanna a important question, Shanna ask "What's up?" before thr fan takes a deep breath and look at her in a serious way before asking ..."is mayonnaise a instrument? .3." </i>

I'm sorry I just had too!!! XD I needed to lighten the mood since Alice has been sick and me dealing with that friend so I couldn't help myself to rethink of a old classic meme. X'D

Lmao that's cute, I'll give this a response tomorrow Nao :XD:

Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5]

:huggle: Thank you so much for the fav! Have a nice day! :heart:

Attraction is a matter of Connection

Of course! You’re welcome! You have a good day too! :heart:

Man, DA is so quiet now, nowadays. I remember when people would send me random links to memes or Teto stuff, or just ask me like, what anime I'm watching right now or something. Or just put a random plz account on this comment section. Do yall remember those? No? Oh.

*ages rapidly*