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Mar '10

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 5, 2010, 11:34 AM
Uuweeehh??? Featured + Premium?? O_O
Thanks keiichi93 for getting me 1 month premium! TwT)// I'll try to abuse premium options while I can.
Thanks :iconsuzaku009: & :iconkeiichi93: for featuring me also!
It brings me joy that my art is well liked by others. *tear*

Thus so far...
Starting from mid-February was clear maddness. We've been added a new work load of like a mountain on top of another. Staying @ school 6 days a week for least 8-12 hours every time. At least I have one day of break... DRRRRAAAAWWW YESSSS!!! So it's gonna be crunch week from now until mid-April. The work is varies from school assignment, group mod, demoreel work, touch up on old works to be used for demoreel. AAhhhh!!! But I'm still alive and painting as much as I can!

Speaking of which...Featuring!
:iconhadesha: is another artist should definitely stop under charging for her awesome work. She is a superbly talented artist. So, people! Stop taking advantage of that poor little girl. She works like a factory as it is minimal hours of sleep and constantly pull off both awesome 2D and 3D works. She deserves more and her art should also be valued more!!! Here are some of her art:

Tribal character design by hadesha warmaiden by hadesha Kroenen sketch by hadesha

Commission Info Link:…

Slot#1. Brea (Gogogo!)-- TM-RL
Slot#2. Son Zack (Gogogo!)-- Gaia
Slot#3. Azndude (Considering)-- DA-RL
Slot#4. Raspeter (Gogogo!)-- TM
Slot#5. Hatsurin (Gogogo!)-- TM

Tagged!!! - "List of ten things I'd want in a in a perfect guy/girl" -
Well, technically comment tagged by :iconanarahk:
It'd be... somewhat wrong if it keep it as guy, so I'm changing it to girl. Perfect girl? Who's perfect anyways? Well, I'm sure anyone would agree that their soul mate/lover is just as almost perfect (chaos makes thing interesting - muwahhahaha!!!).

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about what they want in a perfect guy/girl on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

"List of ten things I'd want in a perfect girl"
(not in order)

1. "There's a reason for looks!" - I know, I guess I'm just like other people out there. Looks does matter. I like people who has a nice clean sense of fashion. It tells their personality, it tells that they look after themselves. Keeping yourself fit by doing like 10 min of exercise everyday can go a long way (and it pays off, seriously). Light make-up is nice, feels more natural. Dress nice, clean, comfortable with a sense of style is awesome. It's artistic!

2. "I like art too!" - It's nice to have someone to share the same passion as you do. Even nicer to work and collaborate on a piece together. Just that much more fun!

3. "Go and do it!" - It's nice to have someone who shares the similar attitude as you do. If you want something, go get it! Honestly, it may sound mean. There's always this question I'll always try to dodge, "I think I'm fat, am I fat?" or like "I want this <item> but I'm too lazy to do something about it." So I thought, if you want something or get something done. Go and do it, sitting around and whine about it just isn't gonna get it done. A car won't drop out of the sky by just sitting around, a job just won't land to you without lifting a finger, dreams won't come true if you don't strive for it.

4. "Fun and explore!" - The everyday thing can get boring. Learning is what being human is best at. It's always nice and not to be scared to try out new things, well, as long as it is logical.

5. "Understanding and caring" - It's good to have someone that sits down and listens, sharing inputs with each other. Someone who cares and understands for people shows that they have good empathy.

6. "Smart" - Funny how put those two together. Not fond too fond of people who needs help all the time for the simplest task and just can't seem to learn or pick up things in an average speed or be socially awkward in public, it's humiliating.

7. "Fun and games" - Who doesn't want to have fun. Joke around, smile, laugh like crazy, playful. Oh yea games! I love games, well, a good portions of it. Always to have someone who can play together. Love teamwork.

8. "Be open-minded" - It's good to be open minded. Nothing is just black and white, everything has it's own shade. It's good to listen to others and share advices/inputs. As well as to see things from another point of view.

9. "Speak up your mind!" - Sometimes it's fun to have guessing games. I'll take that back, I hate second guessing myself to figure out what the person really wants. If you have something in mind, put it on the table. It's nice to be sensitive and try to compromise what other wants but it should be what she really wants too! She has her own rights too say what she wants too! So speak up! ^^

10. "Personal space" - It's nice to have someone around you most of the time. It's even nicer to have the time on my own to hang out with my own friends. Should not be intimidated to meet friends or to hang out in groups/outings.

I just noticed I wrote sooo much. Yet I was thinking, "Oh man, this is hard to come up with stuff to write." (Sorry if there are bad grammar, I always manage to miss out some stuff.) Hmm, who to tag:


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