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ZRX-07 Revised Concept Memory by shanku ZRX-07 Revised Concept Memory by shanku
[July 25, 2005]
Bad news bad news, of all the wrong time! This has been my biggest and longest works I've done so far and learned alot from it. And yet, it died on me. How? Let's say Painter IX decided to die on my work when I was saving. While I was saving, it froze on me, then it had this "End Program" error. It didn't occur to me that I didn't lose my work until the next day, which is bascially today when I decided to work on it again, since I do it so on daily basis. The file was corrupted, it went from 48mb to 440kb. From a nice drawn out piece of 6000-ish by 4500-ish pixel @ 350 DPI to a total price of crapastic stripes of red and black. OMG, this is more dreadful than ever!!!

From the last progress update that I have put up in my scrap section, I have finished its left arm and the shield, and I have started on the pelvis piece. The hands were nicely designed and done, and I did a really nice work on the shading as well. Enough said, this piece is somewhat of a memorial of my work and mistakes. I've used what I had when I uploaded the progresses, as you can see the quality isn't as good. A little blurry and not as clear.

Something I learned: Save as another file everytime I decide to save my work. 1 file was all I had, 1 corrupted = all work lost.
*sigh* dreadful life.... I guess, it's time to start on something new...

- Sketchbook
- Pencil
- Scanner
- Adobe Photoshop CS
- Corel Painter 9
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July 25, 2005
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