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ZD - StarPhaser 'Line' by shanku ZD - StarPhaser 'Line' by shanku
This unit is suppose to be unique :O. It's a "leader only" unit and specially customized in pre-tested prototype weapons. It is designed to take on other faction (MetaTechs, TransTechs, Gerkz)'s "leader" units.

Explaining how the weapon system works (skip this part if not interested):
It uses inter-changeable weapon on both his arms. Mode 1 is ArmSword, energy flows in-between the 2 metal rails and forms an energy blade that can be used at short-medium distances. Mode 2, the weapons will transform, the metal rails will be moved back and the gun point will stretch forward to be able to be used as a gun. The wing-like" thing are the back are also inter-changeable. Each wing was 2 parts, each part, under normal mode, would be used as propulsion system. In Mode1, the top part is being pulled to the front, then stracked onto the shoulder, and fold backward into a cannon. It will take time to charge as well as slow unit itself down. Mode 2, would be that both part would rotate and connect onto each other, the energy port would open up at the tip, and projects steady energy wihch would be used as a really long blade (on each wing), which can only be used to attack side and back.

Eeeh.. that was a long description (-_-;; who those who are interested in reading up on mechas, should have fun, while others should just skip it.
Oh well, while I was working on the ZD-Interceptor during lecture, who was sitting beside me at the time, was looking through my rough sketches... He also did another version of this unit. Since it was soooo rough, there is many spaces to expand and design it differently XD (haha, hope he uploads/CG it soon).
So after I finished the ZD-Interceptor, i worked on this one...

Phew.. what an intense mecha drawing day.... my finger hurts (x.x;;
rounindx Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006  Professional General Artist
hauhuhaha continue desenhando assim! muito show os detalhes! adoro mechas!

I love mechas! great work!
shanku Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha.. didn't understand the first line, but understood the 2nd, thanks! :D
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September 12, 2006
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