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Masku by shanku Masku by shanku
It was never meant to show your identity...

Finally, updating my DeviID! :D I haven't done so... for a very long time. Anyways, this is inspired by Kakurenbo (a short film). It was pretty cool. I liked the idea and concept, it's pretty crazy I tell ya.

Hehe, enjoy~

Drew during class (no clue how long - pretty short anyways, it was simple). Colored it quickly in Photoshop. Lack of patience as always.

- Pencil & Sketchbook (God I love to sketch!)
- Photoshop (Practicing still :P)
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omggetshotintheface Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007
So cool! I watch Kakurenbo last night for, like, the third time and it's so creeepppyyy... But awesome. *fav'd*
AokiSohma Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
it's amazing i saw the film when it was on cartoon net work but i love your picture.
shanku Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha thanks! :D
it's a pretty crazy concept for the film eh? XD
AokiSohma Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
yeah i havent seen it since it was on tv they had it on sell for 30 bucks though
SAB-CA Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
-Hums Sorcerror Hunter Ending them "Mask"-

Hehe, inspired by Kakurenbo, eh? The film was nicely done, but it was... so... hmm. Felt kinda empty for me. But hey, if it inspired a nice ID like this, it was worth it! :laughing:

It's fun how such a simple face can have attitude... you captured that aspect well.
NocturnalShadow Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
It's about Link, the main character, who is transformed in a deku by a mask and he gets the mission to bring back a powerful mask to a masksalesman. I think you have 24 different masks or so, with four of them transforming you :D
You should really try to check it out! Buy an N64, gamecube of download the Rom. But Zelda: ocarina of time, it's predicessor is better tough!
NocturnalShadow Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
Great really like it :D Reminds me of Zelda: Majora's Mask :P
shanku Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eeehhh... what was the game about? I've always heard and seen trailer of it, but I never got to play it nor do I own the console ;_;
hermitboi Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2006
simple... but i like it xD!!!
goatz Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2006
it's "meant" o.o;
xD lab coat jokes
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January 17, 2006
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