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Growing idea-icon set

By ShangyneX
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Here is my second attempt in making icons through photoshop.
This time i made an icon inspired by a detail i tend to use often and that is a light bulb combined with another element this time its a flower.
Big thanks to :iconobamagirl: who pointed out few flaws in the design (glow had a cut on top due to a too small canvas, stamp is now a bit shorter, and this version includes the drop shadow that was only visible in the preview image of the previous version)

3 sizes are available:
Icon is in PNG format, i hope you all like it.
© 2009 - 2021 ShangyneX
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nice idea:D i like it
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will done bro ..
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It's a cool idea and a cute design... the only issue is that the "glow" is cut off the top in every image, so there's an unnatural straight line at the top instead of the more natural gradual disipation of the glow like you see on the sides and bottom of the bulb (and like you see in your artsy preview image.)

Consider including the entire glow in your icon (even if you have to shorten the "stem" a little bit) and if you add the perspective shadow (like in the preview image) as well, the icon would be perfection!

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oh crap i forgot to put a larger canvas size to keep the entire glow, thanks a lot for the info will get to it straight away.
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great job : ) really neat concept too ; )
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the icon is cool :) i just dont like the colours much.. its so much contrast. but its really cool :)
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Thank you, i dont see much contrast in it, all colors are directly linked to yellow, so they have to match.
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That's a nifty idea. The growth of an idea!
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