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I will link this list to any future art commissions I'll order. Failing to follow will end in not buying your comms anymore. Feel free to deny right away, when you think, you can't do what should be kinda needless to say in my eyes. Though it obviously is...


- always credit the species creator and the owner of the character  How to give proper creditsFirst step: Ask the person, who gave you commission: "Who is the owner of the character (co-owners?)"
Second step: Ask the person, who gave you commission: "Is this a closed-species-character? If so, to whom belongs the closed species?"
(Or have a table ready to fill out)
Third step: Draw the picture
Fourth (and most important) step: Add the credit in the text! Mention the owner(s) of the character and the closed species creator! 
Example:  Look in the description.
Thank you

- upload the art, you draw for me/if you don't - I will!

- upload as single, not in a batch

- and submit to the group (if you can't because you are not a member, please let me know, I will do it. Then please confirm the submission)

- take care of all details of the design


When I don't hear from you in between 3 weeks, I WILL DROP THE DEAL and take my money back without further speaking on my end!

I already lost LOTS of money on NOT FINISHED ART!! I am super sensitiv with this in the meantime.

When you CANNOT keep your part of our contract - simply pay me back.

When you have real life stuff, let me know, when you think you can finish that owed art!

- turn "download" off! No one else donkey needs to download my characters

- when payment is money I will ALWAYS pay via goods and service, since you deliever a service (ITS PAYPAL RULES - NOT MINE!). Do NEVER send the money back, or you will sit on extra fees


- please allow me to store your art piece into my toyhouse account

- since I often commish my Tokotas, I will give you an information table, please add this to your description
Thank you


only read further, when it's a Tokota deal

Special II:

In future I WON'T upload/show you my part of a deal FIRST, when it has to do with art payment. Too often I sat on invested time and didn't get a thing for this. Here you can see how it came. I am just dissappointed and annoyed when it comes to art deals!

The written and tagged names are people I'll strongly recommend, when you need a fast and/or relieable and/or good quality art deal. The others I don't call by name!

No need to read the following at all

My Tokota commission/art deal statistics:

Startíng with the recent deals:

Bullet; Yellow Agreed about 15th of January 2018
Info: n/a
- For me: 2 caving images w 3 Tokos each
- For them: Beachside Bailey (not send yet)

Bullet; Yellow Agreed about 24th of December 2018
Info: no rush AOAs / 1 image finished
- For me: AoAs Venom, SC, Fury
- For them: 10$ - sent

Bullet; Yellow Agreed about 23rd of December 2018
Info: no rush on RoDs/AoAs faster please || part 1 perfectly done
- For me: AOAs Quila and Liesi + RoDs SC
- For them: Iwa stone (already sent after AoAs) Thank you lost-coati

Bullet; Orange part 1 DONE TIIIINY bit later but all fine still <3 Agreed about 11th of Oct 2018 
Info: RoDs to be finished before group closes / second part takes really long/ Not finishe 24th of January 2019
- For me: RoD set (Quila) and Alpha set (Teitur)
- For them: Iwa stone 

Bullet; Green DONE perfectly <3 Agreed about 8th of Oct 2018
Info: takes about a week
- For me: RoD set (Fenya) 
- For them: 13$ - payment SENT Thank you StormBugs

Bullet; Yellow Agreed about 2nd of Oct 2018 / bit late, but the art is woth the wait!
Info: takes about 4-6 weeks (no progress)
- For me: Alpha set (Azury)
- For them: 26$ - payment SENT Thank you DMWarpg

Bullet; Orange DONE (later than expected) Agreed about 1st of Oct 2018
Info: starting 12th of Oct 2018
- For me: Alpha set , Aippaq Stone, 1x CE, RoD 
- For them: Iwa Stone + Snowshoe hare /Stones exchanges already!

Bullet; Green DONE (name below) RoD Barahir <3

Bullet; Red  Agreed about / kinda never since I got no more answer
Info: payment, when deal is done
- For me: RoD (Barahir)
- For them: money NOT paid
Evil Eyes cancelled from my side after weeks of waiting

Bullet; Red CANCELLED from my side due to the waiting time/Got it DONE after telling so. Agreed about 13th of Aug 2018
Info: nothing specific
- For me: RoD set (Zillo) - 1 prompt completed
- For them: 9 rolls (up to 12, when 3 bonuses per RoD image) - 3 images done, fishing sent to group, others stored

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Agreed about 6th of Sept 2018
Info: nothing specific
- For me: 3 rolls
- For them: HP Tracker (long) FINISHED! And SENT! I never heard back from them! /deleted account

Bullet; Red Agreed about 14th of July 2018
Info: nothing specific
- For me: 4 rolls      
- For them: 3x HP tracker. FINISHED! It took me THREE damn hours and I got nothing for that! Sent the first two and deleted the third tracker!


Older stuff and people who do/did really good/quick stuff (talking about money deals/commissions and trades here)

Bullet; Green ViinciTokotas made such a beauuutiful RoD set! Very fast and HQ!
Bullet; Green Fennarchy / did lots of rolls + rites for me 
Bullet; Green tubachic  / did LOTS of rites for me 
Bullet; Green HarukiTheWolf / also did some rites for me 
Bullet; Green Weidenlied / when you want a well written story, here is the right place!  
Bullet; Green ArtemistheArtist22 / always keeps you updated and stays in the time frame
Bullet; Green Silver-Ouroboros / fast rites and AoAs
Bullet; Green Lightwolfheart / beautiful rites
Bullet; Green MrWolf86 /super fast and good quality
Bullet; Green SCITZ / super fast rites
Bullet; Green ShadowMagpie / rescued my life once ~
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