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If you are interested in breeding with one of my Tokotas, also co-owned ones, leave me a message here: And state, what you are willing to give for the slot (AoAs/TT/other slots...) Breeding interest







I am Pack Leader (switched April 2017)

[OLD] OFFICIAL Pack Leader Faction Logo by TokoTime
Factions - Pack Leader vs. Prestige Breeder

and member of

5% success rate towards explorings

5% success to explore/tribe explore unlocked/tribe companion unlocked/MotJ

and Novice Tamer
now Apprentice Tamer
now Skilled tamer

Shangry-ia's TOKOTA Totem JournalTotem goals:


Bonus: You may have 2 tokotas in a single Continuous Events entry without collaborating the submission. This does not allow you to break the limit on CE entries per month. 
Unlocked By: Having 5 Collabed CE Entries where the other tokota in your collab takes 1st place. You cannot own both tokotas in the collab.
and Rat/ CEs

1. Deer

Just for me to keep track UTsUploaded:
 :bulletblack: explore
 :bulletblue: caving/diving
 :bulletpink: hunting large prey
 :bulletblue: fisher
5) Female, Natural Mane :bulletred: ON HOLD
Average - Healthy
Marked collared tawny with accents and rainmarks
Hereditary Traits:
Snow White
3) Male, Natural Mane :bulletblue:
Average - Healthy
Marked collared tundra with accents and rainmarks
Hereditary Traits:
 :bulletblue: / useful in any activity
Provides a 15% chance to find berries, plants, and other forage in any activity.
 :bulletblue: /useful in any activity
Allows this tokota to use Holiday candles and lanterns in any activity.

My Tokotas:

ID 37871 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Activity Tracker] 37871 Fury



Nobs 32077 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Activity Tracker] 32077 Nobs



Barahir 27584 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 27584 Barahir

Fenya 27579 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 27579 Fenya

"He-who-tracks in-the-hidden"
Sheitan 26672 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 26672 Sheitan


Azury de Bahia 24512 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 24512 Azury de Bahia

Crusher 24111 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 24111 Crusher

Landoran 23114 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 23114 Landoran

Torshavn 22969 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 22969 Torshavn

"She-who-walks-on-right-paths "

Regni 17285 by TotemSpirit   

  Acapulco 16282 by TotemSpirit  

    Shi-Handan 11255 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 11255 Shi-Handan

Manowar 10877 by TotemSpirit

Teitur 3826 by TotemSpirit
[Tokota Tracker] 3826 Teitur



  Liliana 10290 by TotemSpirit   Myxine 22839 by TotemSpirit   Signus 21987 by TotemSpirit   Manolo 24383 by TotemSpirit 
  Schroeder 23639 by TotemSpirit"He-who-changes-tides"
  Weihaiwej 5772 by TotemSpirit "She-who-walks-in-darkness"

[Tokota Tracker] 5772 Weihaiwej
[Tokota Tracker] 10290 Liliana
[Tokota Tracker] 21987 Signus


My handlers:


TCA Taming AcademyRank 1- Novice Tamer
Upon Completion: -10 off taming odds.
In order to receive the rank of Novice Tamer you must complete the tasks below.
  - Have tokota with excellent AoAs.
  To get started, you must have a basic skill of tokota handling.
  - Complete weekly quest.
  It's good to get out and explore your surroundings!
[WQ] At the end of the rainbow
  - Find 3 treats via exploration. 
  A good tamer always knows to come prepared.

Companion sale journal: Shangry's Pet Paradise: available Stoat, Wolverine

Item sale journal: Shangry's market-available: nothing

Geno sale journal: Shangry's Pups Paradise: golden tawny / seals

Uploaded sale journal: FS: uploaded black piebald/ LF: rolls or TT

LF: designs journal: LF: few Tokota designs//FO: TT only

LF: AoAs: ON HOLD:AOA yeti female fisher+lucky+swFO:1slot


My conversation: 1 roll = 3$
1$ = 100 :points: = 1000 TT (simplest way)
BUT - 1 roll may have other TT price
© 2016 - 2024 Shangry-Ia
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