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Photoshop pastel brush

*Click download link in the top right for the file*

My workhorse brush...
Kind of a pastel/chalk/charcoal type of thing, I use this to paint pretty much everything. Great for soft clouds, hard rocks and smooth gradients without the airbrushed look digital art is often criticised for.

Good for details and large areas alike, just change the brush size frequently and you can't go wrong. Not great for super crisp edges though.

Lower the opacity to 20-30 percent for blending.

Angle jitter is set to direction, so should have full functionality on any basic tablet.

I've slightly tweaked the original, but cannot for the life of me remember where I first downloaded it from. Credit to the original creator, whoever that person is!

Created in PSCS3, will show up as 'Oil Pastel' at the bottom of your brush list once imported.



Sorry about the tiny preview, if anybody knows how to get around the 150px x 150px limit then please let me know so I can post a bigger one.
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I've been searching for something like this for so long... Thank you so much!

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Thanks for sharing
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Perfect, just what I was looking for!

Thanks for sharing!
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cool, thanks Shane! :highfive:
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