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"I'm sorry, dear, but that's the wrong answer. And you know what that means!" The host gestured to his audience and then the answering shout came:


In that moment before he dropped underwater he cursed under his breath at the stupid, uncomfortable lycra bodysuit, the stupid, camp, game show host, the stupid, unimaginative contestants, the stupid sheepish audience but most of all himself, for stupidly having agreed to play in the first place. The money had seemed good and his career had hit a dead end: it was only now occurring to him that public humiliation would probably do nothing for that. He just looked like a stupid tosser trying to cash in on their fame while they still had some – and to be fair, that was probably true. Then the moment of reflection was over and he felt the serene embrace of the water.

All the paraphernalia was blotted out, the screaming crowd, the blinking lights and he was left alone with his thoughts. He stopped for a second, winded by the impact, then suddenly jumpstarted by the need for air he started to swim back up. Yet in that instant he suffered a strange feeling of vertigo and suddenly he lost his sense of direction entirely. Each way looked the same, with endless blue water stretching out in front of him. Then as quickly as it had come, the feeling left, and he realised that in panic he had started to swim downwards.

The lycra suit had ridden up uncomfortable against his groin and chest when he fell and with one hand he tried to push it down whilst paddling with the other. For some reason, the pain on his chest from the desperate need for air had eased a little and he felt no great desire to re-emerge and face his shame. Instead he stopped and turned, beginning to explore the little pool he had been dumped into so unceremoniously.

He had never been a proficient swimmer but now he felt the motions coming easily – more so with
each second. It was coming to him so naturally – he pushed his legs together and began to sway with them rather like a dolphin. Soon he was flying around the little pool like he belonged to the ocean – he felt like this was more his natural habitat than the land surrounding him.

Suddenly he caught a glance of his hand and he noticed with a trace of shock that the lycra material that had covered it not ten seconds before had disappeared. He cast his eyes down to his body for the first time and saw, to his amazement that everything had changed. The lycra bodysuit had disappeared entirely, and the only thing covering the body was a silver swimsuit across his chest, where two breasts had suddenly formed. Stranger still, his legs had fused, scaled and the feet had made way for flippers – he had become a mermaid.

Unwilling to believe her eyes, she surfaced and stared at the crowd. For a second there was utter calm as they stared at her in shock. Then all hell broke loose.

Whatever had affected her began to spread to the others in the studio. The cameramen, rooted to their instruments in shock, were awakened from their reverie by the spouting of long, blonde hair from their heads. Each one turned to stare at the other as they saw the bodies melting, giving way to graceful and elegant female figures – within seconds, each one had become an elf. In the crowds masses of people changed sex and transformed without warning – here a group of catwomen formed, there a group of harpies. The contestants in the middle sprouted great graceful white wings as each one became an angel. Even the women were not spared, though they, at least, remained the same sex they always had.

Finally the only man left in the room was the game show host himself, with a lock of gobsmacked horror on his face. And then the changes started. His graceful, manicured fingers grew longer, but as they did so they chafed and blackened, twisted and turned. Vines crawled up his body and across his chest as the breasts started to form, smooth curves supported by leaves and foliage. Around his head a simple grass coronet gave the finishing touches to his transformation into a dryad.

Across the room the blank expressions of the victims started to change. Each one looked at themselves as if recognising who they were for the first time. The elves smiled and chatted easily in the corner as a group of centauresses galloped away from the hall. The angels rose gracefully from their seats and hovered in the air, before letting off a mighty deafening ball of power that took out one of the walls. They left by the exit they had created.

Each creature trailed out of the room with their kin, leaving only a solitary figure dressed in green behind. She dropped her hood and gazed at what she had wrought, black hair and green eyes flashing in the rubble. Then she smiled, summoned a cloak from seemingly nowhere and vanished. There was much work to be done.
Quite pleased with this. In a perfect world I would have described each transformation in more detail, but the piece itself is fairly interesting and well written, I feel. Comments welcome
© 2010 - 2021 ShanbaT
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Kinda shorts but you're on to something.
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I've actually come up with a way to expand on this story (although I'd have to change some of the details). The story would be narrated by the host who not only knew this was going to happen all along, he's the scientist who came up with this. You see, he found a way to create mythical creatures using a substance only known as "Gas Y" (the name "Gas-X" has already been taken). It can change a person's DNA to that of creatures impossible in real life and can even change gender.

You could call it magic. I think a better word for this would be "the unknown". He's also using the story of a new game show as a cover for a social experiment to see how the people Indiana, PA, a borough of about 15,000 reacts to test the effects of this gene splicing and figure out whether or not they SHOULD unleash this on the general public. An ulterior motive would be to prove that girls and women are capable of most of the same things as boys and men are and just because they're another gender, doesn't mean they're another species. I'll admit that Indiana, PA is my hometown and that scientist/host is basically me so this runs the risk of becoming a Gary Stu story. To avert this, I will focus on one character for each new species. One harpy, one Centaur, one harpy (I doubt we'll use angels, too redundant).

Then again, maybe I won't do this. Dad said this sort of "humanity's attempts to play god" theme has been done to death (Frankenstein, Westworld, Jurassic Park) and that my idea isn't as good as I think it is. What do you think, does this seem like a good idea? I'd like to know soon so I can try to write this story.
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It's up to you. I've found the best way to improve my writing is simply to practice, and you never know how it will turn out until you try. It's true, the theme of "MAN MUST NOT PLAY GOD" is a little cliché but that doesn't necessarily mean that any work exploring that theme is necessarily worthless. My advice is play around with your ideas, put some words on the paper, see how they go and just keep writing.
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You should make a sequel to this.
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