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  Hello witches and monsters!

  I have a spooktastic give away for you all!!!For all my watchers or nonwatchers.
  Please comment below a link to your character and three scary costume you would like to see your character in and I will draw one! WARNING this give away ends Halloween night so get your scares in now!!!!!

-you must post 3 costume ideas.
-you can have more then one character, but you must must link them.
-only one costume per character.
-no need to pay this is free

  PPL Working On: 
- DimitriWarchief123 - Kaiaer, Billy the Farmer, Freckles
- AuthorBaby - Lexis, Eddie
- AltoShipper - Micheal :heart:
- ColorfulFandomWriter - Tiana Valentine, Amber Sputterspark
- Winry88 - 2 - Yumi Setsuna, Fiarus
- LoneShadowWolf - Kiki
- ShadowTheHedgehog389 - Kathryn
- TowarzysX - Seahat, Sweet Candy, Dark Angel
- Undead-Battery - Duster

  PPL Finished:
- VampyYami - Vile the Deer
- Flak97 - Ion the Plasma Jackal 
- BruceTehFluffyFox - Bruce
- MacroTean - Adam Barnes
- Crush-the-wolf - Crush the Wolf
- alice765 - Alice/CryBaby
- Ah22783 - Samantha
- squishykittyy - Blondie
- bIllCiPhEr87 - Alan
- Alistu - Alex
- Jineda13 - Titan
- Mephonix - Koka
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(Draw Samantha on the left?)

Costume ideas:

Knight (Y'know, a hero. :p)
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could you draw Paige instead :

as a :

ShanaWGoddess's avatar
sure i will draw her too
CuteePaws's avatar
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DO characters have to be human?
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
no they dont 

but the halloween give away is close
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
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Hopefully I'm not too late to ask if I can take part in this! If I'm not aw well I get pretty arts to see lol
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
your my last one! i am closing after.
Undead-Battery's avatar
Oh really? Wow good timing lol

I was just gonna ask for one of my characters here. Just need 3 costumes and a ref?
Undead-Battery's avatar
Alright! Ummm.... I THOUGHT I had a better ref sheet then this I'm sorry, If this isn't enough I might be able to fill in the details

So here's Dusters "ref" orig11.deviantart.net/b6aa/f/2…
Are you okay with characters from video games? Just making sure ^^;

the ideas I had were Samus Arans Fusion suit

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X

And Plague Knight from Shovel Knight (mask doesn't have to be drawn if you don't want)
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all right can do!
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Do you need refs or pics of them at all?
OH! If you use Samus can ya leave the Helmet out? I really like the suit like that... Sorry if I'm being pushy there ^^;
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
no your not its ok!
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Tfw you donut have any anthropomorphic OC's and you dunno whatto do.... 
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
I am having some trouble reading what you have written. Could you please retype it
TowarzyszX's avatar
Ok, sorry. 
"That feeling when you don't have any anthropomorphic OC's, and you don't know what to do..."
Dank memes change people. 
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
ohhhhh i draw humans and others
TowarzyszX's avatar
So, can I have Seshat sta.sh/07wuajttpw8 as a basilisk,
Sweet Candy (orange one) sta.sh/089fasxr40o as a Swan 
and Dark Angel (brown one) sta.sh/089fasxr40o as a Werewolf?
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