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[Halloween GiveAway] Alistu - Alex

 Hello witches and monsters!

  I have a spooktastic give away for you all!!!For all my watchers or nonwatchers. 
  Please comment below a link to your character and three scary costume you would like to see your character in and I will draw one! WARNING this give away ends Halloween night so get your scares in now!!!!!

-you must post 3 costume ideas.
-you can have more then one character, but you must must link them.
-only one costume per character.
-no need to pay this is free
-post your comments in this journal!…

Art by ShanaWGoddess © :iconshanawgoddess:
   ⦁  Alex © :iconalistu:
   ⦁ Paint Tool SAI
   ⦁ Wacom Tablet
 I can draw many different kinds of styles of art! I am also will to try new style! So please, when making a request/commission keep in mind what style you want the picture draw as! And let me know!

      Request are free, but I only rough sketch requests. There are a few rules with requesting anything:
   1. Requests are sketch only. (If I do something more than a sketch, that is my choice)
   2. I don't draw porn (even for commissions)
   3. I have the right to say no.
      Commissions are paid with points. There is only 2 rules for commissions:
   1. I don't draw porn.
   2. I have the right to say no.

      Commissions come in a few different forms:
   ⦁ Clean sketch (CS) - info
   ⦁ (CS) Color - 5 Points 
   ⦁ (CS) Color and Background - 10 Points 
   ⦁ (CS) Color, Shading, and Background -15 Points 
   ⦁ LineArt (LA) - 15 Points 
   ⦁ (LA) Color - 20 Points 
   ⦁ (LA) Color and Background - 25 Points 
   ⦁ (LA) Color, Shading, and Background - 32 Points 
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© 2016 - 2021 ShanaWGoddess
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Wow! That's fantastic! Much more than I was expecting. Thanks!

(I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but, why has he got no ears?)
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
great! i hope you like it!

(....... ummm your right i forgot the ears. if you want me to correct can it be after hallowween?)
Alistu's avatar
It's brilliant as it is. It would be nice to see him with ears but you don't have to.
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
ok i will do the ears
alice765's avatar
wow so awesome!
ShanaWGoddess's avatar
thanks, and thanks for the favs
alice765's avatar
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