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sookie stackhouse

WIP of anna paquin, as sookie stackhouse from the new HBO series, TRUE BLOOD!

i was surprised by the lack of true blood fan art, so after last night's crazy awesome episode i decided to add some to my gallery! just a quick sketch, nothing special :D

if you have 'nt read the southern vampire series or watched and episode of True Blood, i definitely recommend it, especially to those of you who liked twilight :P
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wonderful!!! Just how she is in my opinion :)
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awesome. hey this is on google. can you tell me how you got your art to show up on google??? thanks

btw this really is a great sookie drawing. ive seen so many that really arent that good and yours really looks like her. ;-)
shanaimal's avatar
I had no idea it was on google! I actually searched to see for myself, i have no idea how that happened haha :D it must have something to do with the way i tagged the picture :shrug: And thank you! :hug: i'm glad you like it!
RedSunFlower7's avatar
yah thats what im hearing. but very cool i think you have a couple on there. its actually how i started getting into this sight again ur picture led me here LOL. so thanks!!
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True Blood is WAY better than Twilight, and I'm glad it came out way before Twilight so people wouldn't compare it as the 'mature Twilight'. Hell no, Twilight doesn't, or ever WILL compare to True Blood, I love True Blood :) (Especially Eric :drool:)
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lol its like rock beating paper
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This wonderful piece has been featured here [link]
fairyfreind101's avatar

i love true blood :D
ninnipopett's avatar
quick sketch my ass... i don like you *glareglare* :XD:
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You have been featured here [link]

Have a good day :)
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thank you so much! thats awesome :D
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I started watching it two days ago on wednesday. I really like it. I almost cried when the grandma died. I love Bill. Oh my gosh. He's crazy awesome. I've only seen the first six but I think that dog is a vampire. I mean, the dog is always there and Bill said some could change shape.
shanaimal's avatar
Thats awesome! isnt it a great series?

and....the dog is something...but im not going to tell ;)
madgeluff's avatar
IT'S SAM! I finished the series. OMFG. RENE, HOW COULD YOU?! i luv eric...
shanaimal's avatar
i love Eric too, he gets even better as the series goes on...haha
madgeluff's avatar
I know! Pam is cool, too. I don't like Sam. Butt that may be because he reminds me of Jacob Black. xD
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I featured this in a news article here: [link] if you fav it, it'll get more attention, so will your art and Trueblood! Thanks for the awesome art :heart:
spunkyK101's avatar
wow that looks really awesome!
SuperSmarty3718's avatar
This is perfect. It actually looks like her, all the other fan Art doesn't look one bit like her.
Great Job. I love it
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thanks! i love the book and tv series, so i had to do sookie proud :D
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