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Bella Morte: spoiler BD

By shanaimal
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Potential spoiler!

Hey all! heres another breaking dawn pic, Mrs. Edward cullen, the shmexi vamp... idk if its a spoiler or not haha, i guess it is... oh well!

im going on vacation on saturday, so im going to disappear for about a week, if i dont reply or thank you for the favs, im not being rude i swear! haha, i just dont have internet connection!

thanks again for all the amazing support, it means the world to me! love ya lots! :hug:

tools- mechanical pencils, red crayola pencils of various flavors :P
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Hey, dude, love this picture. I found it on gaiaonline on your profile a year or two ago, maybe more. Hope you don't mine, but I took the pose and face to do my own conception of characters from my book.
Brilliant of a job, by the way.
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Thanks! no I dont mind at all, I was just wondering though, I actually dont have a gaiaonline account, is there anyway you can send me the link to where you found the drawing? I just want to see who posted it :)
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To be honest, I've tried to find the picture on there through the years to see who the artist was, but it must have been deleted.

Sorry, someone stole your art. But there is no proof now.
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This is I searched "Morte" on Google and this popped up.
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This is from Twilight?

If so, Man how much did twilight steal from "Anita Blake"? Bella Morte, and a character named Edward...

But great picture...
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hahaha i said the same thing, so many things taken from that series, the whole 'switzerland' thing? Anita says it. Smart on stephenie meyers part, copying from something so awesome.

I chose the title for the italian translation though, :D
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This is a hundred times better than when they showed that little vision of Alice's in New Moon of Bella looking over her shoulder while they are 'frolicking' in the forest. Hope Breaking Dawn has her looking this good.

Spot on with the lips and wild hair especially.
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Aww, she looks so pretty.
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Wow, hopefully the director of BD will take a look at this.

If I had to pick a team go team human.
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Wonderful drawing and somehow a little haunting if you know what I mean. But then again, don't all vampires look somewhat haunting? :)
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i can never get my noses to look like that
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this is way cool!!
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lovely! this is one of the best Bella drawnings i've ever seen :D
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wow thank you! what a compliment!
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This is BEYOND amazing..I can only WISH to do something like this....You have tallent
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aw thank you so much! :hug: im glad you like it, it was fun to draw and getting comments like this make me want to post even more :D
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Aww, you're welcome :D :hug:I know what you mean :P I dn't get many faves or comments :D So I'm always happy to make someone feel better, since that's my only way O.o ha ha! I'm a dork. I know
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wow! she's gorgeous! *faves*
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That's exactly how I imagine Bella in Breaking Dawn! Beautiful and wild ;-) Your Twilight-Gallery is quite impressive
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