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Dodged -- Chapter 32 by ShamusBaran, literature

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Boob Note -- H Path -- Part 2-3 by ShamusBaran, literature

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I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
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I'm a professional writer with an unhealthy obsession with breasts getting bigger. I've been writing Boob Note for close to two years and my time I can devote to it is directly related to my Patreon. Please consider making a small monthly pledge if Boob Note (and my other works) staves off your boredom.

Donating also gets you insight on my work. I have a 'Space Bear Lair' where Patreon donors (even those that donate as little as a dollar) can stop by and say hi.

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Under siege (just because I like 'fat' Segal and the 'cake scene'.), Speed Racer (seriously)
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The Flash, Daredevil, Cutthroat Kitchen
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Ambient noise ftw.
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All you need is kill, 11/22/63
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GRRM, Robert Jordan
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Daganronpa, Phoenix Wright, Overwatch
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Desktop PC, Chrome book, Galaxy 6 Edge Plus
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Inflating breasts. (Who knew?)
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So, I'm working on that 'secret project'. And while I poke at it, I'd like to collect some data. This is for the Visual Novel Version of Boob Note. In it, you're a student at MSU and will interact with women in that universe. So I'm asking you a simple question: What kind of lady would you love to run into there? Important! Don't reply to this journal: Send me a Direct message on Discord or a Note. This is going onto a spreadsheet. Give me as much or as little info as you want. Can't think of something for a spot? Leave it blank. :) Notes: If you're not aware, this is game about a notebook that enlarges boobs. Like Death Note but with tits. All characters are 18+ No exceptions. The character probably attends MSU, but it's OK if they don't. Have fun with your answers. :) Hair Color: Keep it to: Blonde, Brunette, Black, Red, Exotic(dyed etc) Eye Color: Keep it to: Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Exotic (unnatural) Height: Keep it to: Short, Average, Tall, Very
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Trigger warning: Pet lovers, this is not a happy story. Just a heads up. I have some content incoming-- Over the past few weeks, I've had some cat-related trauma. Some names withheld as they are connected to my non-pen name. We found a stray 8-week old kitten on death's door. Thanks to my cat Clyde -- a five-year-old bruiser of a grey tabby-- we were able to lure him in so we could help him. He's a little patchwork white/tiger print guy. Had a broken leg, and a bot-fly. You may not want to look up the last one. It's kinda gross. Anyway, he's doing well save a limp. We decided to keep him, named him Ippo. It suits him. The botfly scar makes 'Kenshiro' a good name for him too. But with that, my oldest cat-- a proverbial mini-panther-- was fighting a thyroid issue. In the morning I found out 'Black Panther' had passed, I'd found my guy passed out a foot away from his cat bed. So I waited for the hour or so to take him to the vet, it was too early for them to be open. That
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Posted a early draft of Boob Note before the final. Earlier readers might want to give it a re-read. :)
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Hello Shamus, hope you are doing alright during these strange two years.

do you where i could find Olaughalot

Dude . Just saw your Twitter . As someone who draws boobs and dicks , this really hit home haha ! Great gallery you have too !
Thanks.  Glad to know when I'm appreciated.
Just a shout out on your profile page to say how in awe of you I am. You write incredible stuff! I especially enjoy your "Is it Wrong to Get Tits From a Dungeon" stories. So damn gooood!
Thank ye kindly.   I have a close-knit circle of great people that make stuff like that possible.  Time and money is a limited resource, but at the end of the day-- I do this because I love me some growing tiddies.  And I like putting stuff out there that shows people stories can be great even if it involves something as 'ridiculous' as tits getting bigger through magic and science.  

If it could pay the bills entirely?  I'd do it for a full-time job.  
Yeah, same. I'd be right there with ya.

Definitely my kind of stories, and the amount of effort you put out to make sure your content is of great quality is very much appreciated by me. I've read a number of stories of similar content, but rarely of similar quality. You sir, are a treasure.