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Metal Gear

I didnt play that much for, but I would like to have skin like this.
If anyone want to support me, heres my patreon -
For 1$ All my patrons can get fullsize of the picture, version without background, lineart, flat colors and version without background


commission info -…

also, my redbubble… where you can buy some merch with my art
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A pro gamer known for piloting mechs... controlling a walking nuke shooter... well, this should be fun.
Oh my God. YES!!!
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I so want to see that in overwatch 
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Could be a really good skin.
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Given that is a gamer, this doesn't surprise me.
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In the words of Revolver Ocelot: "You're pretty good!" Seriously though, that is an awesome skin. XD
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Two of my favorite things!!!! I LOVE IT!!
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Request: Make a cross-over for Lúcio and Fatman from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
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Now I'm wanting to see a Raiden outfit for Genji
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Super awesome design :). Well done!
D.Va please kill me
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It'd be sweet...but AS IF Konami'd have the gall to let them do this.
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Wow, that's an idea! :D
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Ripper Ocelot will be the next ?^^
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i think mccree fit ocelot better
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yeah but Ripper got two guns like ocelot in mgsv, the best version for me
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Oh my god, you and your fantastic ideas! This is the coolest thing of all time.
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That would be the best idea, ever!, But, its a shame, because Hideo Kojima left Konami
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