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Lady and Dante from DMC3

By ShampooNeko
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Lady and Dante

FanArt from Capcom's videogame Devil May Cry 3

by DJ :heart:
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© 2007 - 2021 ShampooNeko
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ever so awesome
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It's absolutely fantastic.
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una pareja bien cool :D
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Hello, i'm a cosplay photographer and i would like to thank you because your drawing was a very good inspiration for one of my photoshoot. Here's the link to the photo :…

I like the drawing, i couldn't resist to take a photo of it in real. I hope you'll like it.

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At the risk of sounding cliché....NOW KISS!
MythBunny's avatar
and this is pretty much their relationship XD it
XNocturnalTigerlilyX's avatar
I don't blame her for wanting to shoot him.
BSGirl4TW's avatar
Stunning!Dante looks amazing!:)
Classic-Dave's avatar
One thing i loved about Devil May Cry 3 is all the fancy combos.
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I thought he was gonna kiss her in that scene but he didnt heh heh.
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How did Dante learn to be so tolerant?

I would have been sorely tempted to kill or critically injure Lady.
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ha, pretty funny considering he's immortal. a gun to his face wouldnt stop him ;)
sOuLpUmpKiN92's avatar
pretty 'romantic' kkkk .. when the devil meets the devil hunter... ~ <3
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Awesome work! I love the attention to detail in the clothing. Most don't bother. And the mood of the scene is pretty palpable. Very nice job.
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This is pretty awesome. The background helps to sell the mood of this picture.
JoePenson's avatar
pls let me use this in one of my youtube videos
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I remember this scene so well :) awesome stuff man :D
Makimono-kun's avatar
Is it weird for me to say I think they're both hot? (Then again, it's me so its not out of the question xD)

Anyway, awesome job! I love it
Miss-Murder-Of-Crows's avatar
Wish I could draw that well, lol. xD

Nice job!
SuperBrownMan's avatar
Dante: Shoot me in the face and I'll do the same *pulls down pants lol*
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