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My younger sister, Alice, is offering free traditional art exclusively for Shaman members.

For more information, for examples of her work and to place your order, please see this post on Chat:…
Well, the galleries are now open. I've gone through some people and added their photos to the gallery/favourites, so we're starting to fill up a little.

Shamanites can submit their own photos for other Shamanites to use as stock in the "Gallery -> Stock and Resources" section.

If you're browsing dA and you happen to spot a good resource which you want to share with other Shamanites, add it to our favourites. Also, if you're looking for good stock, check out some of the providers within our favourites. In some cases I've only favourited one photo, but the provider has many, many more pictures for you to browse through.

In support of our members and other RPGs, any art done by our members not for Shaman can go in the "Favourites -> Other Member Art" section, and artwork of/for other PRGs can go in the "Favourites -> Other RPG Art". I've already added up a few.

Hopefully we should be full of art soon :) If you are a member of Shaman and would like to become a contributor, just request. If you're not a member, feel free to join/watch us anyway!


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