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Weight of the World

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Used this to create a wallpaper, here is the link:…
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It's beautiful!
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Colour composition on this one is great!
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Very nice ,a  masterpiece as always...
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Your Environments are Beautiful :O!
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Za warudo. (Amazing work :D)
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Those trees look so cool!!!
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I love how you have music for each piece!
But is this picture cold, or warm? Both, it seems. Impressive.
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Awesome work
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So many books. So little time to read. Pity....
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Wow! Suu beautiful!
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Lovely! Been a while since we've seen a masterpiece from you, nice to have you back!
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I can really see how the tune captures the desolation in the winter, while the incoming light of the sun fits the uplifting hope of the song.

Good for getting the feel of the song.^^
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Amazing colours.
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First off, I love the idea of autumn snowfall, especially with the low sun intensifying the gorgeous foliage plus giving a nice contrast with the trees framing the right side. The lighting also does a beautiful job bringing out Twilight Sparkle's form and beauty. Also, the detail on the nearby tree is terrific.


Now, I know that you wouldn't have left her tail in rough form without a reason, but I can't figure out is she's supposed to be ethereally emerging from the rock or something like that. (I'll just blame the wind for now. :))


Thanks for sharing.
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gorgeous colours!! i love the brightness of the orange foliage, it creates such a wonderful, stunning contrast <333
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Welcome back! I love the vibrant colors and the setting of this picture. It almost makes me wish it was winter again, almost... ;) (Wink) 
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It's missing wings.
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Really glad to see more art from you!! This is fantastic as always, I love the contrast of colors & the trees especially 
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Just epic, I love winter backgrounds, they are just perfect.
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