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Used this as a background for a Nationstates Region, I linked back to this page for credit, hope this is alright with you. If not just let me know, and I'll take it down. Thank you ^_^

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SA: my wife is so tall...

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OH,I what this statue so badly
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Ohh, wow! That's pretty cool, I had no idea!
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Klasnaia rabota ^_^
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Your tribute to this tribute is pretty amazing. Their leaders' statues are wonderfully grand and imposing yet still show off their sweet, loving personalities. It's double the greatness. Also, that rough-cut for the Crystal Heart is a nice touch.

The sense of scale, such a large space to show off how huge they are, works terrifically too; the misty feeling magnifies that mood even more. Beautiful job on the grand castle and sky background for them, all framed nicely by the archway. The ponies going to and fro or paying their respects adds a nice bit of life. The guards show how revered these two are as well. (That's why it's a great title. :))
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very beaultifull, awesome composition!
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Such a great piece of work!
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I love love love the scale of this piece, really brings the world to life.
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Awesome! I love the colors!
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great perspective 
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The more I learn and study art, the fewer make it into my favorites.
Light, shadow, color, composition, subject and alluding to something suspected or unknown.
Bravissimo, well done.
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Is this piece about Shining and Cadence's passing and the statues are to honor them? Sorry that's just what I'm getting from this. Very beautiful work!
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Your art is so beautiful!
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