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Colours of Twilight

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Your artwork is a perfect blend of traditional fantasy and colourful ponies. It fits together is a magical fashion. And I shall try to remember to save all of these, and maybe see if I can commission you when I begin writing on my next fic.
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Right? His work is just something else. So serene, with ponies perfectly fit in.

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Goddang dude, you have talent.
PhoenixQNebula's avatar
Could I use this as cover art for a Fic?
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This would a perfect poster for a mlp movie 
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Beautiful masterpiece..Awesome........
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This is SO AWESOME!!!!
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I love the peaceful atmo there!
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This is SO gorgeous!! :icondragonwant:
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This is perfection. The scenery is beautifully detailed, I love how the light is reflected in the water and the sky getting darker as the sun sets behind the mountains. Even without Twilight this picture would still be outstanding. I feel calm just looking at this artwork, that's probably what makes it so great.
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The landscape is so great here, it could be a good picture even without a character. Gallery 
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I have to ask, what painters and or artist have been the biggest influence on your style?
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That is actually a very tough question. I've probably been influenced by the styles of tens of artists, most of which I probably coulnd't even name. I'd like to believe, however, that my style has been influenced the most by the works of Albert  Bierstadt, who is an American artist from the 19th century and the works of 'Huussii' and 'aJVL' who can be found here on deviantart.
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Yeah I can definitely see how Bierstadt sense of vastness and
grandeur in nature translated into your own works.
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Wow. Very nice.
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Never gets old.
Lovely taiga-meets-tundra-ish landscape, too, particularly with this lighting. You keep getting better at these, and having ponies in them helps them be even better. And I love the proportion relationship between Twi and the landscape scale. Neither of them end up overshadowing the other completely.
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Twilight at twilight, hehehe.

Seriously speaking, this is a nice piece. As usual, you do a magnificent job with the blending of colors, such as with the clouds in the background and having Twilight stick out enough to make her stand out but not so much that she becomes an eyesore against everything else. Bravo!
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Ye, super creative, right? :D
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You never cease to amaze me. That water is so nicely detailed with the sky. <3
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Oh what I'd give to feel that breeze. Amazing job!
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Frozen Fever - Wow! Anna's Surprise Icon Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote It's like you're actually there. Wish I could go, it's so peaceful!
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Awesome work as always. I really like these landscape pieces you do a lot. :)
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Forget about Twilight! Look at that sunset!La la la la 

This is what I call an independent art. There could be no Twilight and this picture would still be amazing!

Good work! :clap:
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