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Movie Maniacs - Pinhead

By shamanau
Doing my bit for Halloween.
I'm paying tribute to my favourite Movie Maniacs from when I was a kid.

Fourth Piece - Pinhead from the hellraiser films

The complete First Phase Collection can be found here:
Norman Bates:…
Freddy Kreuger:…
Michael Myers:…
Jason Voorhees…

Because of the nature of these pieces I have had to rely on promotional images and still captures and from the films etc.
If I have missed a credit it's not intentional, just couldn't find one. But if I do I will add it obviously,
These are a work of fandom, non profit. Just done for the love..

However stock elements have still been required:

Chainstock by: absurdwordpreferred and can be found here: absurdwordpreferred.deviantart…

Scratch Texture by: AshenSorrow…

Ink Splatter by Me and can now be found here:…

Background Elements - Fire:…

Coffee Stain Texture by twinklepowderysnow and can be found here: twinklepowderysnow.deviantart.…

More credits to follow...
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© 2013 - 2021 shamanau
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Sweetlylou's avatar
Very great artwork !:heart:
shamanau's avatar
Thank you very much...
Sweetlylou's avatar
You are welcome !
DOK-FITZ's avatar
Hail to Pinhead!
shamanau's avatar
I need one more, seven characters is an odd number, 8 sit better on paper, any suggestions?
DOK-FITZ's avatar
Hmmmm soo hard, you already make the legends!:D
The first character that it came in my mind is Alien or Ash Williams....

shamanau's avatar
I've done ash from evil dead if that helps... But I will be doing something alien-ish very shortly...
DOK-FITZ's avatar
Alien is sexy!:D
shamanau's avatar
I will do an alien inspired image very soon, just for you 8-)
DOK-FITZ's avatar
Oooooo really thank you!:D
shamanau's avatar
And.... Here you go..... Just for you 8-)…
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