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Looking Glass Tea Party - Faestock's CC Entry

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Right off the bat, it catches your eye. The way the cards are scattered throughout the artwork evokes attention and puzzlement.

It makes one wonder, whether something mischievous or devious is about to happen. The idea is fantastic, it is very creative.

The downside to this artwork is, the light source. I can't tell where the focus really is. And as per the colour tones, because the light source (contrast) isn't that exact it's off, in my opinion.

The sheer thought that you had of putting Alice in such a precarious position gives off a "mischievous" notion. Overall, the creativity that you had with this demands respect.
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wow, thanks for doing this.

I have to admit, the light source is something I haven't paid too much attention to with my work, and I should. Don't get me wrong, I have been known to consider where the light is coming from when it's so obvious and something stands out like a sore thumb, like someone sitting around a campfire etc and it's obvious that glows and shadows need to be sorted out to "sell" the shot.

Thank you for your honest review and critique. I really do appreciate it.
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Did you get my note? :)
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Light source is a complicated topic, so is another thing that I just hate and have yet to be successful with. 

I learned it the hard way, that light source, regardless if it's practice or not... must be mastered... because if you don't, emotion that your artwork, ah, the feel of your artwork will be.

We don't wait, we're artists. We must take pride, and care with our artwork regardless of skill and/or talent. :)

Your welcome, it's actually very nice. :)
I like your artwork, I, myself... have yet to venture into such a concept. Maybe, I will in the future but not now. :)

Here's a couple of articles that I wrote, that just, might help you with your future artwork. :)

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DUDE! 18 deviants have voted for you! :D

THAT IS SOOO KEWL!!!! :devilish:

Hope you'll be among the ten winners. :D
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Thanks my friend. Spread the word. Neverwon anything in my life. Need some votes.
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Take caer!

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