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A Wild West Undertaking

By shamanau
Before you ask, I have no idea..... It just happened, it's not my fault.....blame kirilee ,  for her wonderful stock, I just started playing, I know it doesn't make any sort of sense.

I loved the pose and I have a thing about unnaturally long people, so I stretched it out and then I thought of the character walking alone down a street, i love the west and although Kirilee envisioned a ninja of some sort I went with a dark stranger, hitman, undertaker whatever. I thought the gun wasn't fitting enough so I replaced it. I offset the violence of the gun with the rose. Morbid perhaps but this is photmanipulation right?. Anyway, fitting with the old time theme I did my trademark coffee stained look and this is the final result...

But here it is....

Model Stock by kirilee…

Rose Stock by AcidKitty3…

Gun Stock by cyborgsuzystock…

Old West Street Stock by dragon-orb…

Street Stock by nevertakemystock…

Smoke Stock:…

Paper Texture by arghus and can be found here:…

Scratch Texture by: AshenSorrow…
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:iconwoohooplz: :iconlawooplz: :hooray:  :wow: Magnificent! :wow: :hooray:  :iconlawooplz: :iconwoohooplz: :iconawesome-plz: :iconweekenddanceplz: :iconspotlightplz:

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Wow, thanks my friend.
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Nice work! Glad my stock was useful!
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Thank you for the nice comment, and thank you for supplying the stock. Keep up the good work.
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Nice job - like the mysterious foreground shadow
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Thanks mate. I know it was done to death, (hah hah, boom boom) But i just let the image take me away and through everything that came to mind at it, even if it didn't really make sense...
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Does it need to make,sense sometimes?
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well.. True.... I think that is what ART is all about....
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Mind you, I had a Chinese friend at college who got a bit tired of people describing their projects as "less is more" and so one day he said that he thought sometimes "less is just less" - I liked that a lot!
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This is true. My friend and I were talking about just that the other day. He's attitude is that most contemporary art is "bullshit" starting from Pop Art. Because of the whole minimalist approach to certain "art" works.. I saw his point, But there are some exceptions to the rule if the minimalist artwork in question does actually have a point. Whereas a lot is just less for the sake of being less, and possibly more pretentious.
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BAH HA HA!!! This cracks me up. It was one of those random shots my friend and I just decided would be strange and funny to do. And you have made it come to life!
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Hehehe that's awesome to know. When I shoot I just go to town and shoot everything as I love to capture the sutble stuff in between each pose. I end up with a lot of throw away images but I never throw anything away because of times like this. Sometimes a throwaway image can be worked on. Does that make sense. ?
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