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Room 237

It's the twins from The Shining. Scariest movie ever :)

Painted in GIMP.
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They look eerily realistic... Really cool!

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So awesome!! Really love the effect you used!! :heart:
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I have to disagree, The Exorcist is scariest movie ever.
But it is more disturbing than scary I guess.
But The Shining is definatley up there, along with The Ring.
Awsome pic!
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You did an awesome job with that! I love that movie.
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Very nice. Cool effect! Did you use a filter?
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I'm not sure I understand - is the effect the coarseness? That was just because I was working with a jagged brush. It was one I'd made from scanning some paint strokes and it's one of my favorites. In some places I made the brush smaller and used the ink tool to do detail, but in others I just left it rough.

I may have duplicated the layer and set the upper one to overlay to intensify the colors (possibly putting a gaussian blur on the upper layer too).
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Yep, I meant the paint effect, sorry! I usually do the overlay/multiply blurred layer effect too. Works marvels!
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Creepy movie. 'Come play with us'
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This was the scariest image of the movie, despite the inspired performance by Jack Nicholson.

I like your treatment of it.
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Great picture - Yeah the Shinings creepy as hell - you've captured the movies essence well here :thumbsup:
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a very spooky movie!
well done...
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Actually, the Gradey's weren't twins.

It's a common misconception.
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Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have :+fav:ed this... If it ever appears in my 'Random Favourites' when I load up my gallery, I may just have a heart attack.

Good to see you painting again. 'Cause ya know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...
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ooh yeah, you've really captured the essence of the twins.....creepy!
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I started to "bake" you a cake, but it all went a bit naff and I threw it away. But it's the thought that counts, right? :) Belated happy annibirthday.
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thanks! and I thought about eating it...but it's just not the same somehow :)
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Agreed with Jonas,it's really spooky!Great drawing.
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Yikes, You make them look very spooky! Great work.
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