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So there I was, lying on the floor, taking pictures for a self portrait. Hope came up and blew a bubble with her bubble gum - it was something that she had just learned to do that day, and had asked if I could take a photo of her to prove she could do it. I quite liked the photo, so I drew a picture from it.

In real life, it's got a bit better range of darks and lights than you see here, but it's still fairly light because it's all done with one HB pencil. I don't know why - the drawing just spoke to me and said that it had to be done with one pencil, freehand. Not fiddling about with grids or measuring does make it much more fun to draw, but it means that it doesn't follow the ref photo 100%. It's close enough for rock and roll though :)

It's about 11x8 on Bienfang Bristol Vellum.
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HP PhotoSmart C500 (V01.00)
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Jun 26, 2005, 4:43:08 AM
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freerangepenguin's avatar
Everything about this is amazing. :wow:

boywithoutaface's avatar
the lightness of the picture gives it a floaty feel really cool!
mollygrace's avatar
It's more whimsical and interesting than one that looks exactly like a photo.
Ashlings's avatar
Amazing work on the perspective, it looks amazing. Great job. :)
creamyfan's avatar
wow.just wow. i have never seen a portrait done from this angle before:clap:
angelbearlina's avatar
Brilliant, love the angle! You are extremely talented. :+fav:
darronlee's avatar
coll angle this is a really great piece
unluckyboy's avatar
it's a great drawing, i always draw by the seat of my pants it's the only way
shalpin's avatar
Thanks! Perhaps we should found the art-by-the-seat-of-your-pants club :)
sakuraworld93's avatar
i really like your portraits
who is that ltle girl
shalpin's avatar
Thanks! That's my daughter, Hope.
Pagan-Inspiration's avatar
Awesome drawing, I really like the scarce use of darker shadows, it's what really drew my attention. Every thing else about it is great too, especially the sharp details. :)
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Thanks. I think the scarceness of the shadows may be that I just couldn't get them dark enough, but I was pleased with the way it turned out - I think it's the best thing I've done to date.
PzychoStock's avatar
wow.. it's incredible what you can do with a pencil! by the way.. now I've read that the other one was also a draw:) :clap:
shalpin's avatar
Thanks. If you like pencil art, there are some really great artists here on DA e.g. .... and many others!
PzychoStock's avatar
hehehe.. That would make me feel jealous!
shalpin's avatar
Yes, so many good artists. By the way - I think I got you confused with someone else who had just joined :)
shalpin's avatar
No - I got confused - I said "welcome to DA" by mistake.
PzychoStock's avatar
is it? I don't know.. it might be... :)
sofish's avatar
wooooooooooooooooooow :+fav:
shalpin's avatar
Thaaaaaaaaaanks! :)
hnedy's avatar
This would make an amazing painting for the BP!
shalpin's avatar
He he. I did think that, but I wanted to 'move on' - maybe I can find something else that works :)

I just looked through our 2003/2004 booklets and I'm thinking - maybe 2008 :)
hnedy's avatar
Some Artists I know take a year over their BP entry!
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