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More GIMP brushes

More gimp brushes. Download them via the download link on the left, unzip them into your brushes directory. If you aren't sure which this is, do Edit, Preferences, expand the folders icon on the left and click the brush icon.

The idea is that they are mostly for painting. Try them with the paintbrush, airbrush, and eraser tools (you can also use them with other tools, but I suspect these will be the most effective). Try different sizes and opacities, as well as trying other tool options. Adjust the spacing in the brushes menu too.

Use them any way you want - if you give me a credit, that would be nice, but there is no obligation to do so. It would also be nice if you do use them to let me know so I can admire your work, but again there is no obligation.

Another example of the brushes in use is here [link]

Happy Gimping.
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Many of the digital painting artists have said they use some sort of airbrush opacity. It's somewhat hard to tell from the picture whether or not you have one like that. Mind helpin?
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For the example picture? I'm afraid I didn't put much time or effort into that ... it looks tom me like it was something like 90% opacity for those.

In general, I find plain circle brushes the best ones to use with airbrushes because it only ever uses the first brush image. These brushes are made up of many similar images and were made for the brush tool.

But whatever the tool, vary the opacity to get the best results, 100% opacity is probably not going to be too useful. Play with the spacing too - it can make a big difference with some of these brushes. And of course the size.
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Ok. That's actually very helpful. I'll try that next time. Thanks a lot!
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Ok, I was able to download them. But unfortunetly I wasn't able to get all of them. I think. I know I did not get the circular ones, the straight line ones, or the wheat- ish ones. Can you help me? Please.

Otherwise, these are very nice paintbrushes. Thank you for sharing them with us :)
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Sorry for the difficulty.

It sounds unusual. I would have thought that if you got some, you would have them all.

Maybe try this - first check gimp for the brush names in the brushes tab (where you pick the brushes) and if you still don't see them, check the brushes directory for the files.

It might make it easier to see the brush names if you click the small triangle at the top right of the brushes tab and make sure you have "view as list" selected.

Below is a list of all the file names for each brush that should be in the zip, together with the names that the brush as it is displayed by GIMP in the brushes tab:
==> circle random blurred.gih <==
circle random blurred
==> circle random.gih <==
circle random
==> circle scaling.gih <==
circle scaling
==> r_birdsfoot2.gih <==
rotating birdsfoot 2
==> r_birdsfoot2_down.gih <==
rotating birdsfoot 2 (down)
==> r_line.gih <==
==> r_lines_grad_circle.gih <==
r_lines circle gradient
==> r_simple_line.gih <==
r_simple line
==> random_birdsfoot2.gih <==
random birdsfoot 2
==> random_lines_grad_circle.gih <==
random lines circle gradient
==> scribble.gih <==
==> spider.gih <==
==> squares.gih <==

Hope that helps.
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Thank- you. That seemed to have helped. Although I think the fact that they did not work, is that my GIMP has been playing up a little latley. I may think about re-downloading it. But wouldn't that mean I would have to get all my paint brushes agian?

Anway, thanks for the brushes. They will defiantly be used. :)
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I think when you uninstall the current version, it will probably leave the brushes where they are, then when you install the new version, it will pick them up again. It probably makes sense to copy them somewhere safe, or zip them up first though, just in case.

Perhaps consider using different folders for different brushes, that way, you can enable/disable them when you need them - there's a dialog in the preferences which allows you to specify which folders you want to use.
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Ok, I understand. Thanks for all you help.
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how do i put them in my brushes thingy?
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1. Download the zip via the download link on the left
2. unzip the files and put them in your brushes folder. If you're not sure which folder this is, do Edit, Preferences, expand the folders icon on the left and click the brush icon.

If that doesn't help, can you tell me which part is the problem:
* are you able to download them ok?
* can you see which folder to unzip the files to?
* can you unzip the files?
* Do the files show up in the brushes folder?
* have you either closed down and restarted gimp, or refreshed the brushes?
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Thank you!! i was able to get them o.k.!!!! XD
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