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HHDL loves you

Been kind of brassed off with drawing recently (and even more with DevArt), but I had a three leg flight from Sacramento to Chicago, with a lot of hanging around in airports, so ...

Adele went to see him in San Francisco and came back with a flyer which was the ref. It's by Manuel Bauer.

B on bristol smooth.
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amazing dude! hey listen, my name is mike, im a tattoo artist in massachusetts, i would very much like to tattoo a few of your designs in some of my clients, your portraits to be exact. let me know what you think.
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I have featured this beautifully happy piece here [link] :love:
Please fave the article to help spread the joy! :dance:
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I love the Dalai Lama and his book, 'The Art of Happiness'. This is a great image and the likeness is spot on.
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Hi, I featured this and some other works of yours in my news article 'Realistic people II' [link] which is about different medias one can use to make a portrait etc. that looks realistic. :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the feature, sorry it's taken so long to reply.
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The DL part I get...HH?
Great capture of his peaceful expression and contrast, the shading around the wrinkles is particularly impressive. :)
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His Holiness
You make me want to redraw your drawings to learn about how you did it... :O
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It's fascinating how realistic it is. Wonderful drawing!
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Thank you. You're artwork is amazing, you are so talented.
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Thanks for the compliments!
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you should not be it is really good i am glad u did this......i love his man he saved my life
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How did he save your life (if you don't mind me asking)?
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looooong story............bad stuff then i found him and herd his voice so yah.......he saved my life
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Wow, I absolutely love this. I thought it was a photograph at first! I love his expression. *Instant favourite*
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your pencil work is amazing. i thought this was a photo in the smallview. excellent job.
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Brilliant! I love the expression on his face, you have captured it perfectly :D
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this is a really great portrait
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this is so great! love the contrast and style
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You have really captured his care-free and good natured spirit really well in this beautiful drawing. All the different tonal values are wonderful too.
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:wave: Hi! I wanted to let you know that I featured this deviation in my journal today. [link]
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8-) Seems to me you've captured his spirit perfectly. Welcome back.
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