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GIMP brushes

Some of the brushes I use. They are all made by me - feel free to use them anywhere, anyway you choose, with credit or without. If you do use them, I'd love to see the result. Drop me a note or comment.

To use them, use the download link on the left, unzip them to your brushes directory and click refresh on the brushes menu.

Try different colors, sizes, opacities, jitter, and brush spacing for more versatile effects.

If anyone wants help installing, wants to know how these were created, how to create image pipes in GIMP, or how the image above was obtained with these brushes, let me know.
© 2008 - 2021 shalpin
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thank you for these!

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Thank you very much! By the way, your artwork in your gallery is phenomenal!
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Very cool thank you
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these are mega cool
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Where is the download bottom? ;0
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Sorry for the delay: I don't come by here very often now. The download link is now on the right on my browser.
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ummm do you think you can help me in installing thek to gimp please ?
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First find your brushes directory - in GIMP, go to the menu Edit, select Preferences.

In the dialog that comes up, look for folders at the bottom of the left pane and click on the little triangle to the left of it to expand it. Select brushes and the right pane will show your brushes directory.

Download the zip with the brushes and unzip them to that directory.

If gimp was running, restart it and you should see some new brushes.

If you have problems, let me know which bits worked and where the problem started.
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Do we have to give you a link?
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Not at all - it's public domain, do what you want. But if you give me a link, I'll follow it :)
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and how do you install???
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Um how do you install....????
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can teach me how to make brushes?
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Wow, thank you! I'll definitely be using these. I can't thank you enough.
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Thanks a lot for the brushes! :)
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Thanks a lot for using them :)
Great brushes, under great "use" conditions :)
If I use them, I'll give you credits :)

/me adds to :FAV:
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thank you very much for making these epic brushes! I'll be sure to use them! ^-^
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