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From stock by , for a competition

11x14 bristol vellum, 2b for the background, b for the rest
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This is fantastic!!
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Wonderful! I'm faving this! :clap: I'd give anything to draw this well. :wow:
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Thanks - I don't think it's that difficult, I think anyone can. If something's wrong, you just rub it out and try again - it's often hard to spot what's wrong, but that's just practice. A drawing a day (which I've been slacking on recently) will sort out the practice.
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Well, I have this bad habit of not finishing what I start. :blush: Okay, I'll try. :)

You're very welcome and thanks for the encourgement! :salute:
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O I love it! Her skin is amazing. You also made nice use of the negative space. O and also her expression is so charming...I give it an A++++++
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Thankyou. Nice doggies btw :)
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Georgeous composition, and very true to the source material. A great drawing. :thumbsup:
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:wow: It's seems so real!
I can't stop watching it! :clap:
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Thanks - I kind of wanted it so that it looked real from a distance, but that you could still see the strokes close up.
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I am in love with the piece, it is breath taking. Is it really this flushed out in person or just from the photo?
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Thankyou for the kind words. You know any devArtist is going to say "it looks better in real life" :) I think real life looks pretty much like the photo, but it was a horrible photo to start with and there's a lot of "jpeggyness" on the full view.
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jaggies are bad very bad, i work in graphic design and jaggies would get me fired
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beautiful, the light tones are perfect :)
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Thanks. I found it a lot quicker getting tone on this, than I did on, Proof Positive.
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It's just perfect!!! Like a picture!!
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Thankyou. I wanted the background a little 'more perfect', but I was happy the way that the figure turned out.
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wow, very beautiful
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Thanks. Funny - I didn't realize you were on here until pointed you out :)
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wow, talk about talented my friend, you are amazing :)
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Thankyou very much :) Good luck with that job interview!
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