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Fail Again

"No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett

B on Bristol Smooth. Don't know the photographer of the original image - looks like it might have been for the BBC Radio Times - there's a copy here.

Hasn't he just got the face for for drawing? Another plane drawing, though Adele's got a bit of a thing for Beckett, so took a little extra care with this :) The 'signature' is a puffin :)
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Excellent rendition of a very difficult subject, congrats!
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Awesome sticker and a fav!
A-Falcon-Velazquez's avatar
So the secret is failing a lot. Good work.
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heh, I came here because I saw a short critique of yours on someone else's piece and I just had to see what kind of stuff you were creating...

Very glad I stopped by, amazing work!
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lol he has 2 invisible eyes xD
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Wow! I thought it was the photo, not a drawing! Amazing, beautifully done! *-*
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Ok, I think I'll start drawing on a plane. I for one can't use mechanicals, this is incredible, he's so alive. And yes, he's got the face for it. :)
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I thought many of your works photographs when I saw the preview. Amazingly well done. Nice quotation, by the way. :)
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My favorite part of this is your deceptive pencil strokes; at first I thought it was a photo until I zoomed in. I love the character in it! Great work. :)
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Great and surprising work, bravo!
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Another great work.
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I can't believe you only used a B pencil for this. I sometimes can't believe I don't use anything darker than a 2b for my pieces, but this is really good. If it were me, I'd probably hate myself after shading in all that background ;)
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Thanks. Actually it wasn't that bad ... I did most of it on a plane. Just stuck some music in my ears and drew. Drawing on a plane can make 5 hours feel like 5 minutes. Well maybe not quite that much, but it makes the time whizz by.

I've got a kind of routine - just lay down the graphite as much as possible with the 0.9 and use the 0.3 to go over it and even things out. I'm trying out a 2mm for the first step for even faster graphite application.
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Oh so you use mechanical pencils? i can't stand the squeakiness of the leads, so I gotta use the real deal and keep a pencil sharpener handy.

I always bring my sketchbook when I'm flying. I have a specific book set aside to airline travel and just fill the entire page before moving onto the next. It definitely does kill time... unless you're experiencing turbulence ^^;
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Yeah, mechs for me. I used to think "why would anyone use them - they only have one line" ... but I would never go back now.

He, he. Turbulence is when you do the dark bits. Or hair. :)
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hahaha, good pointer ;)
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I really love Samuel Beckett, he has amazing eyes, both as a writer and as a person :heart:
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Love it!

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HEY! how do you get your darks so dark and how do you keep it from getting grainy? just curious... good work tho.
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I use Bristol Smooth and a 0.3 with a B lead. I just keep going over it with the 0.3, trying to make it even and flat with fairly light strokes. The more even the tone, the darker it will look. When I need it to be really dark, at the final stages, I twist the pencil about 90 degrees, so the chiseled edge of the lead goes sideways on the paper and more graphite is put down. You can feel the pencil give more resistance and when the resistance stops, it's time to turn the pencil again.
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