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Hope the title or text doesn't offend anyone - I felt it needed some text and I thought that summed up the picture.

Gimp and Inkscape mostly a picture from with some texture from
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"It spells D-I-L-L-I-G-A-F Dilligaf and it means: Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck!" I know the meme IDK if this is different as there's an extra F.~
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I like this muchly.

I'm curious as to what makes the text potentially offensive, though... sorry... live under a rock, dontcha know...
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Does it look like I give a flying fuck?

I find it a helpful mantra to mentally repeat every now and then, when the occasion demands :)

To be honest, I was a bit more worried that would be a bit more miffed but she seems cool (I thought she would be, but I'm a bit of a worrier).
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it does sum up the picture, i looked pissed off, :P
very nicely done, was nice to see you use my stuff again, you always use it so well :)
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All acting I hope :)

Thankyou - I like a lot of your stock ... moody, pretty, lots of possibilities.
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you'll make me blush :P
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He, he. Well it wasn't meant as flattery, just a perspective :) And I think you've had some grief for the stock you post, which to me seems so wrong. It annoys me that stockart is so useful, yet the posters, who do this for no reward, are given such a hard time that many just abandon it.
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thank you, that is very true. :)
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Great photomanip, it looks nice.
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I know meg (only through dA though) and she is nice loking, you did a good job with this!

But whats dilligaff, and which picture did'ya use?
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Yeah, I missed that off - I was in a bit of a hurry.

I used Snow White and Tape Paper Decay.

Does it look like I give a flying ...? I first heard the phrase because there's a TV show, Miami Ink, about some Miami Tattoists and one of them has this on her hand. It kind of stuck in my mind and I like to think of it when things get on top of me.
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This is great! :) I love it!
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