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The Race



This will be my Last comic, as you see This one a B/W one, since I was thinking about coloring but god damn,, that was way too mush to color for me right now an I wasn't in the mood to, so I give you a Black and White version on the comic also you can see the rivalry has stopped or has it ? you can decide on whether or not to keep it going or not it's up to you, if you do you can show me what you have done if you want, I won't mind it. :3

On the other hand, I've been hearing that Ember has fallen in love with an armadillo ? yeah and armadillo from the DS game. Well now let me tell you this, one I don't own a DS (it would be cool to have one, yet I want a psp) and two I just don't lie that fact that she went with an armadillo, She's better off with Flame as mate. <:\

I'm a shipper of Spyro x Cynder and Flame x Ember

I want to thank everybody that has enjoyed this little comic series I had going on here and I Thank you for that ^__^ But now it has come to an end to say there is no more of this comic, but like I said before you can make more if you want and show me, what you have thats up to you.

Thank you.

- part 1
- part 2
- part 3

art © Shalone Howard/me
Flame/Ember/Spyro/Cynder/sparx © Sierra

Do not copy, edit, repost or distribute! >;\
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Finally! Someone made Ember wake up! Thank you, Flame!
This is what I call a Happy End!
Great Job with this Comic! Clap 

If you would like and are interested, keep making these kind of comics (I mean Spyro related comics), but then again,
if you don't want to, just forget it.