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The Legend of Spyro DotD is...




1. why not fly over, they has wings?

2. Cynder should be able to blow it all away, she has a wind element.

3. Volteer.. he always talked in the ANB, what happened?, he only got one line in DoTD "hold on, I'll get you out of there." XD;

4. Invisible walls, almost evey game has them.

5. Cynder is the only sexy chick in the game, and everybody loves her body :> she's upset. (even though there was one other female, even though she was a dragonfly in ANB (spyro,sparx mom), but wasn't as important in the game. showed for like ten minutes or so)

6.(Done only in the Ruins of Warfang level ) Do this and watch what happens, Use Cynder's shadow element and dig under the gate!!DO NOT HIT THE SWITCH WITHIN THE GATE!!, then switch over to Spyro and leave Cynder.. (she pulls out a magic trick) Spyro she's set for life to live and die with you for sure. XDDD;

art © Shalone Howard/me
Characters © Sierra
Done all in Paint Tool SAI/Opencanvas/photoshop elements 2.0
do not copy,edit, repost or distribute! >;\

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I especially love the tenth and eleventh panels. Cynder's facial expressions crack me up. 😆 Seriously, in the first she looks annoyed that there aren't any females besides her (we can relate to that), the second panel she looks just as flummoxed by what Spyro said(seriously Spyro there did that come from?). And finally Cynder's face in the last panel is hilarious and cute.